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Data, technology & value for money: key factors for OOH in 2021

By Bhawana Anand - January 21, 2021

Leading OOH specialist agency heads unravel game changing factors for the OOH industry in crucial year 2021

As a crucial post pandemic year unfolds, Media4Growth reached out to leading players among OOH specialist agencies to get their thoughts on game changing factors for the Indian OOH industry this year. Not surprisingly, most of them mention factors that can elevate the OOH medium as a whole.  

OOH veteran, Atul Shrivastava, Group CEO - Laqshya Media Group is of the belief that genuine campaigns and impactful visibility can push the business towards a positive direction. 

OOH players with short term vision and goals tend to accept business at any rate and then we see various manipulations with the campaigns. Compromised campaign fails to fulfil its objective and eventually clients reduce the budgets for future OOH campaigns or all together drop OOH from their media plans. We must add and have more and more Category 1 clients for the betterment of the industry,” he adds. 

With the vaccination roll out and the consequent mood of optimism and positive market sentiments, brands are also more open to investments in marketing. As Dipankar Sanyal, CEO, Platinum Outdoors observes, this as a green signal for the OOH industry. “There was data-based decision making by advertisers for investments in traditional / static outdoor media. It was amply proven during these last few months that clients did take cognizance of third-party data to arrive at a decision to spend or not to spend on outdoor. This despite the lack of any syndicated data or research by the industry,” Dipankar explains. 

It has thus become all the way more important for the OOH industry to infuse newness into the medium to sustain current spendas well as attract spends from new categories. “The use of technology-based tools will be another important factor as a large number of DOOH media inventories are building up across India. There are multiple new technologies launched at the international level which can be integrated with OOH. For example, haptic technology, also known as kinaesthetic communication, or 3D touch, refers to a technology that can create an experience of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions by the user that replaces the touch screen for a safe and interactive consumer experience considering the recent pandemic,” explains Jayesh Yagnik, CEO, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions. 

Fabian Cowan, Country Head, Postercope India, is of the view that the OOH industry needs to capture the entire circle of outdoor campaign planning till its execution and measurement for the benefit of the industry. 

“As excursions by people in the OOH space will largely be driven by prudence, given the changing perceptions on health post-Covid, the key for OOH agencies will be the understanding of this change and deep insights into how messaging will be received. This will only be possible through sophisticated data platforms and elevated location intelligence. The game-change, therefore, will be the ability to source this intelligence and the resources to action this into measurable and effective solutions,” elaborates Fabian. 

Well, as the industry emerges from an exceptionally challenging year and bears the brunt of the pandemic induced recession, OOH players will have to take into account all of the above mentioned factors to get back on track and steer the business towards growth.    


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