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OOH bags 1st spot in Imagica’s new marketing plan

By Pray Jani - October 24, 2019

The themed park re-imagines itself into Amaze-ment park using strategic OOH formats

Adlabs ImagicaAdlabs Imagica, a themed park off the Mumbai-Lonavala Expressway is adamant on making this distinction more visible from an amusement park with new brand positioning as ‘India’s Biggest Amazement Park’. With this new branding, Imagica aims to break through the clutter by not only going beyond the concept of amusement, carving a niche for itself but also redefining and extending the scope of the existing ‘amusement park’ category definition prevalent in India. Hence to reinforce the new identity, the brand is tapping on to OOH in a grand manner with 55% of their marketing spends.

Given their strong inclination towards being outdoors, the media marketing mix is designed to catch hold Imagica’s consumer segmentation which comprises mainly of on-the-go, media savvy ‘Young Adults’.

The brand is leveraging transit media options alongside hoardings across Mumbai and Pune. The campaign is live on 200 buses across Mumbai and a number of buses in Pune as well. Doc. M. A. Zing, a young, dynamic, fictional character, with a quirky personality that impersonates Imagica’s amazing vibrancy and entertainment, is the face of every creative, highlighting the brand’s repositioning factor, followed by Imagica’s most renowned identities.

Elaborating more, Raveendra Singh, Head of Marketing, Sales & Strategy, Adlabs Entertainment Limited said, “Imagica has been relentlessly pushing the envelope each year to pleasantly surprise guests with its unique offerings. This has translated into a strong intent to sustain as well as keep increasing the entertainment quotient that leaves guests with a sense of amazement. Decision to therefore embrace the new brand positioning as India’s Biggest Amazement Park, has been simple and effortless.”

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