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Some rooftop units in Mumbai not pleasing to the eye

By Pray Jani - May 24, 2019

It’s not just the media, but the state of the building having a rooftop media that’s a concern

Mumbai,-BMCThe OOH industry in Mumbai has categorically opposed the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) stance that hoardings on rooftops and terraces poses no physical threat to the public. However, the ground realities suggest that there are indeed such rooftop hoardings, perhaps a few in number, that blemish the city’s skyline. In some cases, the media units per se are well maintained, but the buildings that have them on the rooftop are crying for better maintenance.

Media4Growth traversed select areas of the city to spot media units that are not quite appealing to the eye, or could be under-delivering to the advertising brands owing to their placements.

On the Goregaon-Bandra stretch and adjoining areas there were rooftop media units that were not adding to the city’s aesthetics in any way, more so because the buildings having the media units atop are not well maintained.

Perhaps, if all media units are well maintained and pleasing to the eye, and the building having those media are well maintained, the drive to remove all rooptop media in the city could have been forestalled more easily.


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