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Jagran Engage strengthens position in UP, acquires new properties

By Bhawana Anand - April 02, 2013

A division of JPL, Jagran Engage, is making their footholds even stronger in II Tier cities

Jagran Engage announced the acquisition of media outdoor properties in two cities- Bareilly and Kanpur. Both the acquisitions have bestowed them an enhanced scale and area of operation within the cities.
In Kanpur, Jagran Engage has acquired the marketing rights of outdoor media properties of SPA Media. The deal involves acquisition of close to 21,000 sq ft of prime and prominent hoardings in Kanpur. With this, Jagran Engage has emerged as a major service provider in the business capital of the largest state with its presence in multi-media formats.

In another acquisition, the company has bagged the right of 30 Public Utilities in Bareilly. The rights have been acquired on BOT basis for the duration of 15 years. The property is based at the strategic and important parts of the city. The company will be offering this media in both non-lit and front-lit formats. Five utilities have been constructed which are operational now and rest are under construction stage. Locations such as Ayub Khan Crossing, Sheel Hospital Crossing, Katchehri and Shedana have been completed in the phase 1. Jagran Engage is already present in Bareilly through offerings in the UPSRTC bus stands comprising mainly of Unipoles, the addition of this new media has given them much enhanced scale and area of operation within the city.

Commenting on the Kanpur acquisition, Tanmay Tiwari, Sr. General Manager– Jagran Engage, says, "Our major focus area is to expand and consolidate our position in the state of UP. In recent months, we have been working towards consolidation of marketing of our complete media in the state. In the process, we have also kept our avenues open for further expansion of our offerings and we are glad to see that the team's efforts are finally taking shape and we are now fully geared up to be one stop solution provider for the state. The acquisition of media from SPA firmly places us amongst the top players and we hope that clients and the agencies would continue to support us as they have been doing till now.” With this, Jagran Engage will now be present amongst multi-media formats like hoardings, Unipoles, Solar Traffic Signals, Gantries, Mall Branding and UPSRTC Bus Stands in Kanpur city only with more than 300 prominent options across the city.

On another hand, the company sees Bareilly city as one of the emerged cities of Western UP region in terms of demand from advertisers. In addition to this, the rates generally commanded in the city are more than the state average for similar category of towns. Tanmay says, "The decision to introduce this new media format in Bareilly was part of our well planned strategy to come up with something unique for the city. While utilities as a medium are quite common in metros and some of the other towns in the country, Bareilly as a town has always been dominated by traditional outdoor formats. This gave us the reason to bring something new in the OOH space which would provide alternate forms of outdoor options within the city.”

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