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‘We use various tools for location mapping, media selection, creative visualisation’

By Bhawana Anand - August 31, 2020

Jayesh Yagnik, CEO, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions refers to in-house planning tools such as, Madison Vicinity, Madison Vu-On-Street, Madison Traffic, Madison Maximiser and Madison Viewpoint

Jayesh Yagnik, CEO<Br>MOMS Outdoor Media SolutionsA common currency

“If we want OOH to increase its share of the ad pie and come in line with other media, we would need to get to a unified currency as soon as possible. That will result in gaining the faith of clients in this medium.

“In the developed countries such systems are in place and we can surely learn and customise those for India. This is the need of an hour for OOH to match up to mainline media and showcase better ROI.

“The outdoor industry body has been taking steps in the past in this regard and as we know an RFP was to be floated in end-March inviting players to participate in it. However, due to lockdown that couldn’t take off. All stakeholders are in this together and acting fast on it will result in quick turnaround for the industry as a whole.”

Audience Data

“As we all know, in OOH it is a very big challenge when it comes to a unified measurement. OOH is the second best reached medium and yet it struggles to get its due share from the advertising pie because of lack of adequate data.

“In the absence of a unified currency we at Madison look at the measurement tools that include location specific tools that are clubbed with media selection tools. Madison Vicinity is our location specific tool which has hotspots geo-tagged and mapped which cluster the city and help in right location selection based on the TG.

“Madison Vu-On-Street helps select the best media at locations basis the physical and traffic attributes of the site and Madison Traffic count gives the impressions which the media can deliver. We have also launched a post-Covid update to help give realistic numbers to the clients for impressions based on current on-ground scenario in key markets. Budget allocation and creative visualisation also plays a very important part in OOH for which we use Madison Maximiser and Madison Viewpoint.”


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