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Road traffic is close to its peak across India: Laqshya Media Group report

By M4G Bureau - September 22, 2020

The report presents detailed data on traffic travel times and people count

Laqshya Media Group has released compelling data that people are already out on the roads and traffic travel times are almost back to its normal levels.

The report presents data from Google Maps on the travel time for point-to-point trips since the nationwide lockdown. Detailed graphs show that Mumbai traffic travel time is between 84% and 77% of its peak (January 2020) traffic, whereas Delhi is at 75%. Bengaluru, the city most amenable to work-from- home, also shows that travel times have reached 80% of the peak.

Apart from travel time, the other irrefutable data is people count, derived from Laqshya Group’s proprietary software platform called SHARP (Strategic Hyperlocal AI-aided Reach Planner). SHARP uses a complex algorithm that combines Census data, data from a commissioned market research study, data from a telecom partner and 2 billion app aggregator records. SHARP provides residential and traffic computations for 30,000 geo-tagged locations across 32 cities in India.

Even while staying at/working from home, customers had not stopped making purchases. Around 25 lakh 2-wheelers, 4.6 lakh personal vehicles and 1.87 lakh tractors were sold between June and August 2020. E-commerce order volume has grown by 130% for the beauty and wellness sector, followed by FMCG with a growth of 55%, agriculture and health and pharma with 38%. All these product verticals, including Indian e-commerce (that aspires to reach the $200 billion mark in the next few years) will need to invest in its customers and drive them to the best brand decisions using the most effective media.

Also, the report shows results obtained by PJ Solomon that digital and OOH are the media of the future. These are the lowest cost and high recall media that brands must efficiently utilise.

Atul Shrivastava, CEO, Laqshya Media Group, said, “There are a lot of opportunities for marketers if they get over their perceptions and look at the data. At Laqshya, we have invested in data and analytical techniques to be able to give better return on investment to our clients. PJ Solomon’s study shows that OOH media gives brands greater recall at lower costs. Also, being one of the best ‘No-Touch’ media, OOH is one of the best bets for marketers in the current situation.”




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