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OOH Expo 2021 to be launched at Mumbai’s Nehru Centre on Jan 22-23, 2021

By M4G Bureau - January 22, 2020

The largest exposition of OOH solutions will have the participation of 70+ exhibitors from India and the overseas

The Indian OOH industry is at the threshold of a major transformation, influenced by the rapid pace of urbanisation across the country, expansion of transit infrastructure such as airports, railway and Metro rail networks, a growing young population that is on the go, among others.

To leverage the growth business opportunities in the emerging circumstances, the OOH players are taking key steps to upgrade their media assets by ushering in (i) New and innovative advertising formats; (ii) High-definition and interactive ad display systems; (iii) Smart, connected media; (iv) Programmatic OOH media planning and buying platforms; (v) Efficient, fool-proof media monitoring systems; (vi) Audience measurement metrics; (vii)  ERP solutions for efficient business operations; (viii) Latest outdoor digital printing technologies; (ix) Eco-friendly media; (x) Start-of-the-art material recycling technology; (xii) Modern fabrication design, tools and materials; and (xiii) Efficient outdoor lighting solutions.

V J Media Works will be organising India’s largest exposition of OOH solutions under the banner ‘OOH Expo’ ( at the Nehru Centre in Mumbai on January 22-23, 2021. Commenting on the occasion of the announcement of the Expo, Rajiv Raghunath, Managing Editor of Outdoor Asia and Media4Growth, said the transformation of Indian OOH is contingent on the development of a tech-laden, smart ecosystem that facilitates seamless incubation and commercialisation of a gamut of business solutions. The ecosystem will be shaped by a matrix of business partnerships and collaborative arrangements. The OOH Expo will create the avenues for those partnerships to fructify and for the cutting-edge OOH solutions to be showcased to the target audiences.  

The OOH Expo is expected to have the participation of 70+ exhibitors from India and the overseas, showcasing state-of-the-art:

  • Display technologies – static & digital on conventional, transit, ambient media
  • IT software for content management systems (CMS)
  • Innovative OOH media formats including use of augmented reality
  • Mobile solutions for OOH
  • Programmatic OOH platforms
  • ERP solutions
  • DOOH content
  • Digital outdoor printing
  • Green OOH
  • Fabrication of OOH media structures
  • OOH Lighting
  • OOH monitoring tools
  • OOH audience measurement metrics

The Expo will have three modules: (i) The display stalls; (ii) Buyer-seller meet-ups; and (iii)

Workshops on tech application, use of new materials, etc.


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