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“Clients are more aware of what they want from their assets”

By M4G Bureau - July 18, 2023

Naveen Kumar, Founder and CEO, INFONICS Technologies talks about how his firm has changed its outlook towards servicing clients in an evolving DOOH ecosystem.

Naveen-Kumar,-CEO-and-Founder,-INFONICS-TechnologiesINFONICS Technologies will be participating in the upcoming OOH Expo as part of the Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) 2023 to be held at Manekshaw Centre, Delhi on the 28th and 29th of July. As we inch closer to the event, Naveen Kumar, Founder and CEO, INFONICS Technologies shares his perspective on the changing DOOH sector and his company’s approach to providing clients with the best services. 

As Digital OOH (DOOH) gains momentum, what innovations have you introduced or plan to introduce to the market?

While there have been no significant developments in the DOOH technology itself, clients are much more aware of what they want from their assets. For example, they expect the screens to have better refresh rates and brightness. Hence, we have prioritized improving our customers’ experience by enhancing our servicing solutions.

There are two types of displays – ones that are displayed in controlled (indoor) environment and the others are the ones displayed in the outdoor environment. 

There are a few common factors in both assets – service and installation. When we talk about services, nobody wants their screens to have issues but we are talking about electronics, so there are bound to be a few issues. So, our job is to figure out how quickly we are able to address the problem or if there is an alternate solution for it. In our current model, clients whose screens are located in areas to close to us (Noida), we provide them with services within 2-3 hours or those that are at max an overnight journey away, we provide them with services within 24 hours. For screens located in other parts of the country, we always have a local serviceman on hire. But the foremost thing is that, we provide our clients with a few spare parts and tools along with basic training for their staff, so minor repair work can be taken care of internally by the clients themselves. 

As for the structure itself, there are a lot of things to consider. Every client wants their screens as appealing as possible and this has led to practices such as architect-approved structures to ensure safety of the structure and also a sizeable investment into the finishing of the asset itself (which increases the cost). As for the controlled environments – airports, railway stations, hospitals, etc. – there is an emphasis on how the creative looks/gels in the given environment.

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