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What does poll conducted by Media4Growth say?

By Bhawana Anand - July 17, 2020

The poll shows that 79% of outdoor industry people believe that metrics and measurement will play a vital role for their business growth

In its recent poll conducted under section named ‘Have Your Say’, Media4Growth finds out that measurement and metrics will be of utmost importance to OOH industry in the changing scenario. The reason being, marketers are looking for right media-mix which fulfils their objectives with an assured return on investment.

Out of total, 79% of outdoor industry people have agreed with the point that data and metrics will become the new currency for the OOH medium in post-Covid era whereas 7% disagreed. There were 14% people have selected the option which shows that they can’t predict.

The poll response also relates with the changes taking place within the industry where the leading outdoor firms are investing in building their in-house specialised tools. There are various examples like GroupM’s arm Kinetic Worldwide has recently launched a new proprietary tool ‘India On the Move’ (IOM). An in-house developed tool understands the audience’s traffic pattern and helps in designing sharper target audience with minimized spillovers.

Another one is Eyetalk Media Ventures who has launched a data driven audience measurement tool 'PEOPLE', a unified audience measurement platform that gathers, organises and activates first, second and third party data.

Also, Madison OOH has launched OTS Measurement Updates for Covid unlock times. It is an extension to its Traffic Count tool, designed to provide clients with legitimate data to help them note the actual changes in OOH mobility in post-Covid era.

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