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‘Tier I OOH market recovery will be gradual, at best’

By Bhawana Anand - June 05, 2020

Pawan Bansal, COO, Jagran Solutions expects regional brand participation in OOH to build up only when traffic volumes grow

Tier I markets that in the best of times barely garnered a small share of the ad spends of national brands is now faced with the prospects of drastically reduced ad spends by the regional brands owing to the current pandemic situation. Commenting on the current business scenario for these markets, Pawan Bansal, COO, Jagran Solutions, said: “I see Tier I cities to be more affected in the short run as the regional brands i.e. the main clients are likely to cut their spends whereas Tier II & III markets may be better placed, with prospects of attracting spends from local brands and the FMCG category”.

As regards the prospects of ad spends by regional brands, Pawan pointed out that “currently the vehicular traffic hasn’t surged owing to the work from home option that many people have. Also, people by and large have restricted their traveling as a preventive measure. The spends will entirely depend on the surge in traffic on the roads”. He sees advertising at places like corporate parks and offices gaining traction.

Even when normality returns, all brand categories may not become active spenders. Luxury brands and consumer durables categories may take a longer time to resume their promotional activities, he said, keeping in view the current business environment.

Jagran Engage has a strong network of media in metros, Tier I & II markets. Bhubhneshwar, Lucknow, Mysore, Varanasi, DelhiNCR are to name a few.



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