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Interactive technologies add new dimensions to experiential marketing

By Bhawana Anand - June 01, 2020

Industry experts share their viewpoints on ‘The Next Pivot’ in a webinar hosted by The Advertising Club Bangalore

Experiential marketing is seeing vivid changes in light of the current market conditions that are impacted by the Covid crisis. In a webinar on the theme of ‘Experiential Marketing -- The Next Pivot’, hosted by The Advertising Club Bangalore, the discussants -- Roshan Abbas, MD, Geometry Encompass; Dalveer Singh, Head Experiential Marketing APAC, GroupM; Vipul Mathur, Founder Director, BrandAid Event & FamTam Brands; Darshan M, Co-founder, Deivee – highlighted the importance of ushering in technology for a makeover of experiential marketing, activations and on-ground events.

Vipul Mathur observed that “this is the time to introspect the nature of the work and upscale the skills with some time in hand to play around technology and study the desires of brands”.

Dalveer Singh opined that the current situation is a time for making a new beginning. “It is the first time that Indian experiential marketing is at par with the international experiential experience, so it is an opportunity to create new experiences for the brand and audiences. Home will be the new epicentre for everyone, but everything will not be virtual”.

While experiential is about capturing the 5 senses, how will COVID19 pivot this experience? Responding to this, Roshan Abbas said, “We are late to adopt the digital experience and now the real-life situation has forced us to play on the new screen whose size may differ from laptop to mobile to tablet. We need to embrace the new screen quickly”.  He recalled that mediums like TV and radio got reinvented when their status-quo was challenged. Likewise, experiential marketing needs a certain newness. He urged the business players to take a pause to think, discover the new language and tool and let the magic play. Echoing this note, Darshan commented, “This second screen has always existed and now it has taken the place of the front screen”.

Speaking about adopting the digital platform, Vipul said, “We need to become event technologist from the event planners and bring the 360-degree experience digitally for consumers”.

Experiential is a big tool for rural marketing, reckoned Dalveer who is working on a pin-code strategy for rural marketing with the help of data collected during previous activations. “We are looking at 3 V platform i.e. Video for people using smartphone, Voice for people using basic phones and Vernacular piece for others. We have started a pilot for rural markets with the help of data segregating mothers of 0-2 age group kids or school teachers and other profiles of people”.

While the number of footfalls has always been the currency to measure the ROI of the experiential marketing, Vipul articulated that the span of audience attention will be the new currency. Adding to it, Abbas highlighted that CTAs can be added attract interactivity.


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