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Squiboo bridges demand gaps for media operators in Ahmedabad

By Pray Jani - February 17, 2020

The Squiboo solution is particularly attractive to small advertisers

The OOH business in Ahmedabad market has seen a consistent fall in media demand mandating the media owners to look at alternative ways to draw advertisers. Shaishiv Mehta, Director of Chitra (B) Publicity told Media4Growth that the city has over 2,500 hoardings, whereas only some 1,000 have reasonable occupancy.

Hrushi Mehta, CEO of Chitra Publicity said that media occupancy rate is generally at a low level of 30%-40% and there are hoardings that go without business for up to a year and more.

To address the occupancy issue that confront most media operators in the city, OOH trading business Squiboo has launched an online platform where media operators are encouraged to list their low-demand media sites at discounted rates. The trading site is accessed by local and small businesses for their branding purposes, at affordable rates. The participating media operators would also benefit by way of improved occupancy of their respective sites.

Pratik Parekh, Co-Founder of Squiboo, explained that media operators tend to depend on large brands for business, whereas their occupancy issues can be greatly addressed by bringing local advertisers into the OOH fold. The small advertisers would be able to buy such media for 15 days or even a lesser duration.

Squiboo has over 6,000 sites listed on its website, and plans are afoot to extend the service to the Mumbai market. The company assists its client organisations with CRM tools. In the foreseeable future Squiboo plans to add digital OOH to its bouquet of business solutions.



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