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It’s business as usual for FoB, bqs, transit media in Bengaluru

By Bhawana Anand - January 09, 2020

The mandate for the use of eco-friendly media material is the only major challenge as it significantly increases the cost of advertising, says H V Surendranath, COO, Prakash Arts

The new BBMP Outdoor Signage & Public Messaging ByLaws 2018, contrary to views emerging from certain industry quarters, is not posing any challenges to media operators who have assets on foot-over-bridges, bus shelters (bqs) and transit infrastructure in the city of Bengaluru. Explaining more about this, H V Surendranath, COO, Prakash Arts shares, “We have been operating our FoB media under this policy and it clearly states the provision of such formats. Moreover, we have been paying taxes and license fee on time which the BBMP authority is taking without any hindrance”. Prakash Arts handles the media rights for a set of FoBs in Bengaluru.

“Moreover, the essence of the BOT project lies in the partnership model to earn revenue as it incurs a huge expense in maintaining the property which is close to Rs 3 lakh per month in the case of FoBs in Bengaluru,” adds Surendranath.

However, the new bylaws do pose a challenge with regard to the eco-friendly material to be used for outdoor media that is certified by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board as biodegradable. “The alternative cloth material cost 4 times that of PVC flex which is a challenge for the brands spending on these formats”. But the prices are expected to come down as the demand goes up.

With regard the current ban on hoardings in Bengaluru, Surendranath maintains that the concerned authority and the media owners need to arrive at a common understanding on the size and locations of the hoardings. That will apparently help resolve the matter. Citing the example of the Delhi market, he says, “Reduction in the sizes of the sites doesn’t lead to loss of revenue. The brands will continue to spend on outdoor even if the sizes are marginally reduced.”


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