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Time to enhance Hyperlocal DOOH strategies with programmatic technology

By M4G Bureau - July 14, 2020

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO of Lemma writes how programmatic technology has redefined hyper local advertising & how it’ll help brands create an effective connect in the current scenario

Hyper local targeting, a key trait of the OOH advertising, has become exponentially relevant in the current situation.  With immense progress in data-driven advertising propelled by accelerated digitization of screens, Hyperlocal advertising takes a whole new meaning. Lemma, pioneer in programmatic DOOH, is further enhancing this with advanced data-capabilities layered with mobile and location intelligence.

As thought leaders in this space we’ve introduced many effective ways of using DOOH & in the current situation it becomes even more imperative to help advertisers and media owners reap maximum benefits while implementing existing strategies in the new normal.

Hyperlocal campaigns are highly relevant and impactful encounters with consumers in a given location, arrived at using location intelligence & data patterns to ensure maximum relevant reach. Lemma platform comes equipped with Location data, audience intelligence, digital screens & dynamic ad rendering possibilities, making hyperlocal ad serving even more effective.

Hyperlocal campaigns engineered by Lemma are not only optimized basis location but also optimized basis prime-time bands witnessing heavy footfalls.

We designed a launch campaign for a popular smartphone brand Pre-Covid by dynamically rendering ads on video walls within a given radius of the stores where users could walk in and explore the phone features first hand. The advantage of DOOH screens was the ability to display multiple creatives while showcasing the store address on the big screens.

Falcon, the AI enabled planning tool by Lemma, further helps brands to customize their communication basis the audience insights like personas and brand affinity. To quote an example – certain DOOH sites that have identified consistent footfall of high-end phone users can be shown related communication or even other products in a similar price range. The possibilities of using the data and technology in various permutation and combination are endless.

In simple words brands can show concurrent messages on DOOH as well as mobile devices within a specified area of the DOOH site. Such campaigns create a pincer effect, converting passive device users to active participants leading to increased brand engagements & extended campaign reach.

In addition to this Lemma enables cross device strategies as well allowing brands to retarget audiences exposed to a brand DOOH ad on their mobile devices, thereby leveraging the overall ad impact.

Lemma platform is part of the programmatic ecosystem and it is well connected with the all major mobile platforms to give a massive reach across all geos. Lemma extends these capabilities to media partners as well to enhance their offerings to potential advertisers.

In times like these is it really important to regroup and focus on how to improve on existing strategies to ensure maximum brand visibility. Furthermore synergies between different devices both for ad delivery and measurement should be considered as a way of driving economical solutions for brands with improved ROI. One such proven method is using the dynamic duo of DOOH and mobile devices to enhance overall brand outcomes.

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