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“A Robust OOH Avatar To Prevail Post Lockdown”

By M4G Bureau - April 30, 2020

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma shares his perspectives on the changing contours of the OOH landscape

Gulab Patil Founder & CEO, Lemma OOH has been an indispensable medium in the marketing mix and would continue to retain its importance even post lockdown. However, the manner in which the OOH medium was planned and measured will witness a shift with higher weightage given to OOH inventory channels that are nimble and backed with data and technology. This stems from the fact that every ad dollar spent will be accounted for in a world post lockdown, as marketers have already announced slashed budgets and hence a medium that helps measure ROI would be of utmost importance.

Digitised out of home media even in the current scenario has shown the capability and agility in delivering context-based messages. This can be seen around the globe where the lockdown has been imposed in various capacities. Whether total, partial or no lockdown, DOOH players are rendering public service messages and thanking the corona warriors for their services. The creatives are being updated or even synchronised to live data feeds to show most recent and relevant messages.

As the digital OOH industry gears up for its resurgence it’s important to understand a few factors that will take centre-stage once life restores to normalcy

Data will be a key component in developing efficient media plans

Data both real time and historic will be vital to understand when and where the audience availability will be at its peak. The audiences post lockdown will be scattered and the density will gradually increase in phases. In this scenario campaign flighting can be implemented using data-driven planning tools that predict audience availability across clusters that help create effective media plans.

Audience buying will be of essence to drive ad relevancy   

Data management platforms provide audience insights that aid in crafting audience segments and personas that resonate with brands. Using in-depth audience understanding will help marketers reach the right audience with the right communication, thereby increasing ad relevancy amid media clutter. Programmatic technology in DOOH will be the enabler of audience buying, using insights via the DMP.

Being agile and dynamic will be key distinguishers

Digitised screens enabled with programmatic technology will have an upper hand as they exhibit agility and allow advertisers for targeted ads basis audience, time of the day and other variables. As brands will battle it out to win audience attention, harnessing context effect across place-based media would drive better outcome. Furthermore, dynamic creative optimisation would enhance the campaign results further.

Synergy with digital media will be factored

As modern marketers are becoming increasingly audience focused and devices agnostic, it’s important to focus on how OOH as a medium can be integrated with a larger media plan enabling brands to develop omnichannel presence. Using automated platforms backed with mobile intelligence and location data, it is now possible to retarget OOH ad exposed audiences on their mobile devices. Besides, this data enabled re-targeting feature can also help brands to measure the impact the OOH campaign has had on the exposed audience.

The lockdown phase has helped advertisers see the true value and benefits offered by DOOH screens. This enabled with data-driven technology will help advertisers in the long run to activate data-drive measurable ad campaign.

 In conclusion, a world post lockdown for the OOH ad industry would be one with accelerated acceptance of technology, data and digitisation for rapid growth.


(This article is authored by Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO of Lemma)



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