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“Dynamic displays can save you money”

By M4G Bureau - December 12, 2023

In the next ‘Insights @ Digital X’ conversation presented by DDX Asia, the one-stop exhibition of digital display solutions for retail and out-of-home industries, which just concluded its first edition at the Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai, Priyashaa Naayan - CEO and Paras Prakash - COO, of Adarth, share their observations on how technology is shaping the dynamics of branding and advertising.

Priyashaa Naayan - CEO and Paras Prakash - COO, of Adarth

“In today's tech-driven world, it's no secret that the advertising media market is in a constant state of flux,” say Priyashaa Naayan and Paras Prakash, the CEO and COO of Adarth respectively. They are both co-founders of Adarth, and in their own words, “tech enthusiasts at heart”’ 

In this conversation, they open up about the changing market dynamics and what they are doing to make the advertising media landscape more efficient, accessible, and profitable for everyone involved.

“At Adarth, we are on a mission to revolutionize the media and advertising landscape through innovative technology solutions. Our comprehensive offerings cater to media owners, advertisers, and agencies, providing them with streamlined processes for outdoor advertising. From optimizing outdoor ad planning and facilitating RFP processes to enabling seamless buying and selling, efficient inventory management, and real-time campaign monitoring, we have harnessed the power of technology to simplify various facets of this industry,” says Paras. 

“In the realm of outdoor advertising, monitoring ad campaigns has long been a cumbersome and error-prone endeavour,” Priyashaa adds. “Traditional methods involved field agents attempting to capture billboards while juggling smartphones and newspapers. In today's digital era, this approach seems outdated and inefficient.”

“This is where Adarth's innovative Campaign Monitoring App steps in,” they chime in jointly. While addressing specific pain points and digitizing traditional processes is the starting point of innovation, in real terms supply is a response only to customer demand. In this context, they dwell upon why brands and retailers today need to spend on dynamic digital displays.

“In today's fast-paced world, brands and retailers need to grab attention and hold it. People are bombarded with information, so you've got to stand out. Dynamic digital displays do just that. They create instant impact by letting you change your creatives as frequently as consumers change their minds. They let you tell your story without being limited by having a single shot,” they point out.

“While it might sound all high-tech and expensive, which it can be, dynamic displays can also save you money,” Paras quickly adds, addressing the aspect of digital that creates resistance in all advertisers. “You can reuse and repurpose content without the costs of printing new banners or billboards. But more importantly, you track which campaigns are working and which are not in real-time, allowing you to optimize your investments in a way that creates results.”

His insight shifts the discussion towards how the evolution of technology further underscores the outdoor industry, and Priyashaa takes the lead in unveiling how Adarth addresses these needs with its offerings. 

Adarth logo

“Our strategy centres around listening,” she says. “We're like a sponge when it comes to gathering insights from the industry. We engage with media owners, advertisers, and agencies, and we ask the big questions: What keeps you up at night? Where's the pain point?”

“Data is the common thread across all aspects of digital display solutions, especially at the end of media owners,” Paras divulges further. “Managing data effectively, keeping it accurate, and using it to drive decisions is the key. Our solutions do exactly that, turning data into actionable insights.”

“Once we've identified pain points – whether it's the complexity of managing outdoor ad inventory, the hassle of sifting through endless emails and spreadsheets, or the challenge of monitoring campaigns in real-time – our tech magic comes into play,” Priyashaa adds. “Our Campaign Monitoring App simplifies this further, allowing  media owners can efficiently track their inventories while advertisers find the perfect ad space.” 

In this context, they also share their views on the need for a platform like  DDX Asia, the one stop expo of digital displays for retail and OOH, which just concluded at the Nehru Centre in Mumbai - “A platform like DDX Asia gives us an opportunity to know our clients and the industry more closely, so that we can take their biggest nightmares, and find a way to turn them into a walk in the park.”


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