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“Advertisers recognise that embracing tech-driven solutions is essential”

By M4G Bureau - December 05, 2023

Rishabh Mehta, Founder & CEO of LOCAD, talks about the imperative of adtech solutions for effective audience engagement, in ‘Insights @ Digital X’ presented by DDX Asia, the one-stop exhibition of digital display solutions for retail and out-of-home industries to be held at the Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai on December 8-9, 2023.

The interplay between technology and consumer engagement is evolving constantly, redefining how a brand is seen and experienced. Enabling this are ad tech players like LOCAD, who are pushing the boundaries of tech enabled brand visibility and communications. 

LOCAD's expertise spans location-based mobile advertising, adtech for OOH and programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH). From leveraging predictive intelligence to enhancing real-time analytics, LOCAD's focus extends beyond conventional advertising.

Rishabh Mehta

Rishabh Mehta, Founder & CEO of LOCAD while talking about the company’s  journey says, 

“LOCAD started from a point where we discovered that there had been very little use of technology in the OOH industry in the last four decades.  The first problem that we wanted to solve was the audit monitoring and reporting. We figured that when a large company like say Hindustan Unilever runs a campaign across thousands of cities in India, there was no way for them to figure out whether the campaign was live for the entire duration, or if there was any loss of media. The only way someone found out that there was something amiss on a billboard or a hoarding was if they physically visited these locations during their travels. We tried to solve this through our mobile app and a cloud-based web interface that customized possibly everything that an advertising agency or a media owner could ask for in India and eventually across the globe.”

Explaining the solutions he adds, “This system can work as a scalable plug-and-play service, is easy to manoeuvre at the end of the customer, and can provide them with real-time data of how their ads are performing.”

Locad logo

Uniquely placed between advertisers, agencies, and media owners while adding value to all three stakeholders, LOCAD currently prides itself on its proprietary campaign management system. Rishabh talks about why it is currently being used by most players in the OOH industry in the country, at one stage or another, ”In India, the OOH market is more collaborative than competitive, and our systems allow media owners to integrate as many partners as they would like. What we have facilitated is a shift from traditional slot-based advertising to more targeted, audience-based advertising. Targeted in terms of data and targeting, in terms of changes in the environment that leverage marketing opportunities in the same way that moment marketing does for digital.”

“Secondly, we are now increasingly implementing AI-based solutions that conduct pre-campaign and post-campaign analysis on current data, not on past datasets, to give advertisers a more seize-able view of what to expect and the actual results generated,” he elaborates further. 

Sharing his views on the relevance of a show like DDX Asia, the single-point expo of cutting-edge digital display solutions set to happen in Mumbai on the 8th and 9th of December, Rishabh sums up, “Contemporary advertisers recognize that embracing technology-driven solutions is essential to meet the heightened expectations of today's consumers for immersive experiences. Not only are these solutions more cost-effective than traditional methods, but they also pave the way for unprecedented engagement.  Despite this understanding, there exists a notable lag in actual investment, primarily stemming from a widespread lack of awareness about the diverse array of digital options now at our disposal. Events such as this expo offer a crucial platform for industry stakeholders to bridge this knowledge gap, providing a valuable opportunity for engagement and education on the countless tech-enabled possibilities now accessible for exploration and integration.”


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