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‘Cost alone can’t be a consideration when choosing a digital display solution’

By M4G Bureau - November 28, 2023

Pankaj Bellad, Business Head – LOGIC asserts why it’s important for buyers to understand all the critical aspects of a digital display solution to get the best long-term returns on their investments, in this exclusive conversation as part of the ‘Insights @ Digital X’ series presented by DDX Asia.

In the dynamic realm of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, where innovation meets visibility, Pankaj Bellad, Business Head - LOGIC, wants to make a mark as someone who merges technology with marketing, elevating brand narratives in the process and changing retail and brand visibility landscapes. 

Pankaj Bellad

“LOGIC is a digital transformation brand and we are predominantly present in the education, enterprise, and retail sectors,” he begins. ‘We specialise in digital signage and visual merchandising for retailers. We work mostly on the display side of things; while also lending our services to clients seeking innovative software and content solutions; wrapping it all up in effective turnkey solutions for our customers,” Pankaj says, summing up the company’s profile.  

Pankaj believes that reinventing oneself is at the core of staying relevant in today’s business environment. “There are three aspects that we particularly try to integrate into the work we do – quality, affordability, and reliability,” he says illustrating his point further. “There was a time when static advertisements were attractive enough to grab eyeballs, but we live in a different era today. Unless you are putting out something unique, it is unlikely to get anyone’s attention. This is why we are heavily invested in trying to find new and innovative ways for our customers. Be it through revolutionizing display screens or executing ideas that have never been executed before.”

He admits that nothing in the world is challenge-free and there are many associated with the digital signage industry as well. “In a lot of cities, it is still very difficult to obtain the permissions that a brand needs to run an outdoor campaign. Policies that regulate outdoor advertising need to come to a brand’s rescue.” 

The other challenge, Pankaj shares, is the lack of awareness among clients about variety of solutions now available to them. “They are unaware of the kind of technologies that one can now work with, which makes it difficult for us to explain how we can make a difference. Cost alone can’t be a consideration when choosing the perfect digital display solution.”

“Something that seems cost-effective at the beginning, like a rental cabinet for example, might turn out to be much heavier on the pocket by the time the project ends because it may require frequent replacement. This is because they are created for short-term applications. On the other hand, a solution that seems expensive at first may generate an unprecedented return on investment because it was created keeping long-term use in mind,” Pankaj explains. 

He adds further, “Secondly, the weather in a location - the humidity or heat or exposure to sunlight for example - also impact a solution that might be better for a particular situation. Unless a customer understands these aspects of a solution closely, it is difficult for them to make an appropriate choice that meets their needs. At LOGIC, we ensure that we have detailed discussions with our consumers before recommending the solution to them. We truly believe that we need to honestly educate customers about the options available to them, and the pros and cons of each, to lay a foundation of trust.” 

Pankaj’s views make the perfect case for DDX Asia, the one-stop exhibition of digital display solutions for retail and out-of-home industries to be held at the Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai on December 8-9, 2023 (https://ddxasia.events/), and he agrees. “An expo like this is extremely relevant as it can help end users understand nuances of the many digital display offerings, both products and technologies that are available. And it also helps our cause because it is much easier to convince a customer about the worth of a product if they are well-versed with the industry,” Pankaj concludes.


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