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WooHoo mounts campaigning for COVID-19 awareness

By Pray Jani - March 19, 2020

Joining the cause , a Surat based media owner urges to avoid physical touch to flatten the curve of this pandemic

As the country prepares for the Coronavirus outbreak, the Out-of-Home industry makes an effort to inform the mass on preventive measures.  WooHoo, a Surat based media DOOH media owner, is another one joining the cause by running a  supportive campaign innovatively.  More than 200 digital screens are running  “Namaste Karona” campaign to urge people to avoid physical contact.
Talking about the initiative, Monik Madhwani, Co-Founder of WooHoo Screens comments, “Outdoor media is one such platform that can easily communicate with the mass, and we, as media owners have decided to use this power to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. We are running the “Namaste Karona” campaign on our screens to inform the people that a simple act of avoiding physical contact can reduce the chances of getting infected. We are also working on displaying more positive and informative message about the virus on our screens to uplift the morale of the people, rather than giving them negative news like the number of deaths and the number of infected people which might just scare them even more.”
The company has been running this campaign across essential touchpoints such as malls, corporate parks and other public places where a 10 seconds creative is being displayed. However considering the reduction in the footfall of audience in malls, it is becoming a challenge to target the desired number of audience.

The campaign is scheduled to run till 31st March. “However, it could be extended depending on the way the virus is spreading and the requirement for such a message to be displayed to the mass”, says Monik.


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