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VIOOH powers JCDecaux DOOH programmatic offering in France

By M4G Bureau - June 02, 2021

In France, JCDecaux manages over 2,500 screens in all the environments where it is present: Urban digital (cities, digital window displays in local stores, premium retail) and airport digital (17 airports digitised, out of 26 airports operated in France, including Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly)

JCDecaux SA has announced the launch of its programmatic offering in France. From July, JCDecaux’s digital inventory in cities and airports will gradually be made available for programmatic buying through VIOOH, a global DOOH marketplace. VIOOH’s platform connects advertising buyers and sellers in a premium marketplace, making JCDecaux France’s DOOH inventory easily accessible. Through this initiative, the outdoor advertising sector is connecting to the programmatic digital ecosystem.

JCDecaux operates over 33,000 digital screens in 52 countries, delivering real-time, contextualised, geolocated communication, with dynamic content, that provides a new creative canvas, for the benefit of cities, advertisers, their agencies, citizens, visitors and tourists. 

In France, JCDecaux manages over 2,500 screens in all the environments where it is present: Urban digital (cities, digital window displays in local stores, premium retail) and airport digital (17 airports digitised, out of 26 airports operated in France, including Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly). DOOH is an attractive medium that enables advertisers to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. It has proved its efficiency in boosting sales, drive-to-store and drive-to-web. By making its digital inventory available for programmatic trading, JCDecaux is taking an additional step to meet the new expectations of its customers and to increase the relevance and competitive edge of digital outdoor advertising, a fast-growing media.

With its new programmatic offer JCDecaux France offers a new sales channel for the benefit of all advertisers, guaranteeing them transparency and brand safety.

Set up in 2018, VIOOH seeks to increase global investment in outdoor advertising by providing media sellers and buyers with an integrated programmatic platform for planning and trading, in strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
VIOOH’s team of DOOH and programmatic tech experts are pioneering the transformation of the OOH sector, and championing its role to enhance omni-channel digital campaigns through the use of programmatic capabilities and data. 

The company, which already actively trades programmatically across 12 markets globally including UK, Germany, US and Australia with France taking the total to 13 markets, has over 30 DSP partnership agreements globally. These include The Trade Desk, Verizon Media, Outmoove, Displayce, Hivestack and Vistar Media, as well as specialist mobile platforms such as S4M, Tabmo and Taptap. 

Since its launch, over 200 internationally renowned brands including Danone, Gucci, McDonalds, Porsche, Nescafé, Procter & Gamble, L'Oréal, Renault, Lufthansa and also Facebook have successfully delivered programmatic campaigns through VIOOH. Recently, VIOOH was awarded two Campaign Tech Awards for their work with Renault ZOE in Belgium (awarded for Best Use of Tech in OOH) which used innovative real-time air pollution triggers to trigger and adjust creative, and Nespresso in the UK (awarded for Best Use of Tech in Retail) which delivered a +20% sales uplift and a campaign ROI of 5.

In France, JCDecaux will include real benefits through its programmatic offering, in order to satisfy the new expectations of its customers, brands and agencies:

  • Real-time trading;
  • Flexible buying;
  • Enriched with both proprietary data and third-party data;
  • Optimisation of media planning during campaigns;
  • Delivery of appropriate contextualised content based on external triggers.

At its launch in France in July, VIOOH will be connected to four DSPs: The Trade Desk, Tabmo, Hivestack and Displayce, with additional DSP integrations to be added throughout the year. 

Jean-Charles Decaux, Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “I’m delighted to be making our digital assets available for programmatic trading in France. VIOOH is a leading, global, independent and automated planning and trading platform working for the entire industry. With the development of audience-based planning, VIOOH will allow us to better support our advertisers and agencies in optimising their campaigns, allowing them to link the digital screens of outdoor advertising with the digital screens of mobile devices. Programmatic buying gives brands greater transparency, operational efficiency, flexible targeting, contextualisation and optimisation in DOOH campaigns, demonstrating JCDecaux's ability to contribute actively to the sector’s digital transformation.”

Jean-Christophe Conti, CEO at VIOOH, said, “We’ve already seen incredible results so far this year and launching in JCDecaux’s historical market is an extra special highlight. We’re proud of the digital transformation and fantastic outcomes we’ve already delivered for brands through programmatic digital out of home advertising, and look forward to working with French businesses to build on this success. Our ambition is to accelerate transformation in outdoor advertising and to develop dynamic and contextualised audience trading. We have high expectations for France, and hope advertisers and media owners alike will maximise this new opportunity to thrive.”


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