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Shenzhen Leyard seizing market opportunities in DOOH components’ supply

By Pray Jani - September 09, 2019

This approach helps keep the costs low

Shenzhen Leyard

Keeping in view the potential large market in India for DOOH hardware and software solutions, Shenzhen Leyard Opto-Electronics is taking strident steps to tap into the emerging business opportunities but the Chinese company is looking at supplying the DOOH hardware components alongside the supply of high-end digital screen units. The company spokesperson told Media4Growth that Shenzhen Leyard is supplying components to various partners and distributors who then assemble them as per market requirements in India. That approach helps keep the costs low, which is a key factor in doing business in the Indian market.

This way, Leyard is supplying Its SV series of LED modules and other DOOH hardware to the Indian market. The spokesperson said: “We supply key components mainly for LED module”. Vendors in India are able to import the components as per specification from Leyard without having to import the digital screen as a whole which cost much more.

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