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LIVE BOARD puts taxi media in cruise mode in partnership with News Technology Co.

By Rajiv Raghunath - February 22, 2024

LIVE BOARD and News Technology Co. transform Tokyo's taxis into dynamic ad canvases, connecting brands with 7.7 million passengers a month.

In a pioneering move, LIVE BOARD, Japan’s foremost operator of data-driven DOOH networks, is playing an instrumental role in redefining taxi media advertising in Tokyo, following the company’s tie-up with News Technology Co.  This strategic collaboration, launched on February 14, 2024, integrates one of Tokyo's largest taxi signage media networks. The partnership aims to set a new benchmark in the Tokyo OOH sphere by reaching an impressive 7.7 million monthly taxi passengers in the city’s 23 wards.

G growth live board

Commenting on the partnership, Jun Sakurai, CEO, LIVE BOARD told Media4Growth that “the collaboration between LIVE BOARD and News Technology Co. signifies a significant milestone in the arena of taxi media advertising. Although the audience reach is lower as compared to transportation media on Metro trains and buses, taxi media excels in viewing quality with clean interiors, large digital screens, and audio capabilities, providing unique and high-quality advertising opportunities.”

An innovative aspect of this collaboration is LIVE BOARD 's introduction of the sale of impressions (Visibility Adjusted Contacts) for taxi signage media, utilising cutting-edge technology from News Technology. This initiative leverages NTT DOCOMO's location data and analysis technology to measure actual viewership, offering advertisers valuable insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. This data-driven approach enhances the precision and impact of advertising strategies in the dynamic taxi signage landscape.

The GROWTH network, as it is called, plays a crucial role in delivering advertisements, information content, and new experiences to millions of passengers monthly. The introduction of the "HEADLIGHT" information programme during taxi travel elevates the value of the taxi travel space, providing a unique and immersive experience for passengers.

Jun Sakurai, CEO, LIVE BOARD

Sharing his further comments on the partnership, Jun said, “LIVE BOARD marketplace targets all contact points outside of home in Japan, so it is significant that it can cover taxi media, which has a large market as mentioned above, and will be useful for advertisers and advertising companies in DOOH planning. It can give them many options. News Technology can expect new revenue not only from traditional sales but also from news value and programmatic distribution, which will be the first taxi media company to offer hourly programmatic distribution.

This collaboration opens up opportunities for B2B advertisers targeting corporate decision-makers, as taxis are frequently used by individuals in executive roles. Products and services supporting digital transformation efforts are likely to find a receptive audience. The tourism sector is also expected to show increased interest, with taxis being a preferred mode of transportation for both domestic and international travellers.

The LIVE BOARD and News Technology Co. partnership not only represents a strategic move in the advertising market but also reflects the evolving landscape of DOOH in Japan. The integration of taxi media into the LIVE BOARD marketplace opens new possibilities for advertisers, providing a unique blend of reach and quality in the ever-expanding digital advertising space. As overseas inquiries surge, the collaboration is poised to make a global impact, shaping the future of out-of-home advertising.

Beyond Tokyo, LIVE BOARD, with its extensive network of over 51,700 screens nationwide, continues its expansion efforts, offering advertisers a comprehensive platform for delivering personalised ads to a vast and geographically diverse audience.


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