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Capital Group instigates responsibility factor in Mumbaikars

By Pray Jani - June 16, 2020

Mumbaikars are being reminded of their responsibility to wear mask and maintain social distancing as the threat of Coronavirus prevails through a social welfare OOH campaign

Mumbai Govt has eased the lockdown protocol; bringing people back to the streets. As the threat of Coronavirus prevails in the city, many feel the challenge of getting accustomed to the “New Normal.” Understanding the need of the hour, Capital World Media leverages the power of OOH to remind Mumbaikars of their responsibilities to be stay and follow necessary measures.

With a catchy and meaningful creative, Capital World Media fronts the current brunt being faced with statements that wear confidence and a sense of guard for people to play their role. With the message of “Enjoy Freedom Responsibly” the idea is to instil a thought in the people that every individual has a responsibility towards other people as well as the government.

Additionally, Capital Group also understands how important going out is in bringing back the economy and how detrimental, the fear of the Coronavirus is to the process of reviving the economy. With that thought in mind, another message of “Kill Fear Responsibly” was displayed on their media to encourage people not to limit themselves due to the virus, but to tackle it responsibly.

The “New Normal” calls for new habits and new protocols pertaining to personal hygiene, and Capital World Media sums that up beautifully in their message, “Real Heroes Wear Mask.” The message is also a tribute to the nurses, doctors and many more, who made it possible for economy to stay alive and for Mumbai to get back to its feet.

The messages are displayed across major commuting routes of Mumbai like Bandra Worli sea-link, Western and Eastern Express Highway. Large formats like gantries and unipoles are employed for the campaign.

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