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Audi Quattro grabs attention through OOH

By Nabamita Chatterjee - October 31, 2014

Audi Q3 raises high awareness level among its target audience through large format media, with vital facts about SUVs and invited them to experience the Quattro.

Audi, the premium and luxury automobile brand recently came out with its "Discover Quattro” campaign to clearly inform customers on the most important factor they should consider while buying a Sport Utility Vehicle in India - which is the ability of a SUV to hold the road and dominate it under various challenging conditions. The aim of the campaign is to hit the TG with information like - A true blue SUV should be able to provide greater grip, higher useable power and must inspire confidence in the person sitting in the driver's seat. Through this campaign Audi invited people in India to discover the real-world benefits of Quattro.

Kinetic India has worked with the brand on this campaign to visually showcase, on a large impactful manner, what one can do with Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive technology. Since SUVs are all about being outdoorsy - showcasing the product close to the real world has made an outdoor specific campaign even more appealing.

Specific outdoor media used for the campaign include various large format media like billboards, unipoles and gantries to build an impact across the city of Mumbai.

Deepak Joseph, Sr. Manager Retail Marketing, Audi India, said, "We are extremely happy with the team effort on this project. It takes a lot of conviction to believe in doing something simple and focused - as opposed to being present in various media just to tick the check boxes.  The teams at Kinetic and Mediacom have young guns in their fields with such a strong conviction that it really goes a long way in allowing us to constantly question the norm and set new trends.”

"The entire campaign was aimed at creating impact and living up to the'Dynamic Quattro' - New Q3 brand imagery. Large media formats helped create impact and we carefully selected key media placements in the city which ensured prominent visibility for the brand” said, Amit Sarkar, Chief Operating Officer, Kinetic Worldwide India.

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