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Alita Battle Angel unleashed over city scape

By M4G Bureau - February 20, 2019

Active Media Innovations promotes Fox Star Studios’ Alita Battle Angel through tall building wraps and wall paintings in city arterial routes

Fox Star Studios has partnered with Active Media Innovations to promote one of their biggest movie releases this year - Alita Battle Angel, an epic adventure from filmmakers James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez.

Given the scale of the movie, Fox Star wanted a cost-effective yet high visibility, innovative campaign across major cities in India that would tie in with the manga comic art origins of Alita.

Active Media Innovations planned to create one of the largest building wraps ever - a massive 29 feet x 52 feet print installation in Mumbai. The installation commanded eyeballs from its strategic location and became a major hit. An estimated 9,00,000 brand impressions were made. People were also seen taking selfies with it in the background and posting on social media platforms, thereby extending its visibility and buzz.

For the countrywide campaign, Active Media Innovations leveraged the cost-effective media solution of wall paintings. This integrated well with the comic art origins of Alita and was also highly visible along major roads in cities across the country. Teams of artists got to work, transforming wall surfaces across India with their interpretation of Alita. The finished paintings were viewed by over 4000000 people throughout the country. People engaged with the paintings, took pictures and also amplifyed them through social media.

Emraan Kureshi, Founder & MD, Active Media Innovations stressed on the effectiveness of unconventional media solutions as opposed to traditional solutions and said, “Over the last decade, Active Media Innovations has proved this over and over again with its award-winning innovative campaigns. We wish them all the best and wait in anticipation for the next big idea from them that will propel innovative OOH to further heights”.



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