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MCGM will introduce a business-friendly ad policy: Anand Laxman Wagaralkar

By Pray Jani - July 09, 2019

MCGM Joint Municipal Commissioner (Special) will hold meetings with the MHOA and the corporators to discuss their suggestions on DOOH

BMCThe draft new ad policy of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) on the Grant of Permission for Advertisement under Section 328 & 328 A of MMC Act 1888 is under discussion with the Mumbai Hoarding Owners Association (MHOA). Stating this in an interaction with Media4Growth, Anand Laxman Wagaralkar, Joint Municipal Commissioner (Special) of MCGM in charge of advertising observed that while there is no specific timeline set for the launch of the ad policy, there is healthy discussion taking place on the matter with the industry, especially with regard to DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) media in the city of Mumbai.

On a larger plan, Mr Wagaralkar believes that OOH has a significant part to play in delivering social messages and that digital OOH media can help enhance that aspect of OOH communications.

According to him, DOOH media could certainly augment the beautification of the city. However, the policy will take cognizance of the hazards posed to traffic movement, as also the protection of heritage sites. Suggestions will be taken from the traffic department as well, for the same. All said, the committee is “open to ideas from the experts in the industry to facilitate a smooth introduction of the ad policy and the technologies, as long as it uplifts the beauty of the city, its heritage and the safety of people are not compromised,” said Mr Wagaralkar.

“Advertising industry undoubtedly plays a big role in city’s infrastructural planning. The corporation will try to simplify the procedure for advertisers and address the other difficulties that the industry is facing. This will be one of the focus areas in the ad policy.” He adds.

Eco-friendly and safe advertising media and plans will be welcomed by the MCGM.



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