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Johnnie Walker to go miles with #TheTravellingBillboard

By Pray Jani - November 01, 2019

The brand unveils the latest campaign with a message to explore and discover new terrain through influential travel photographers

In a very influential campaign, Johnnie Walker The Journey canvases the rarely visited terrain of India where no billboard has ever been, with a #TheTravellingBillboard. The Striding Man, the iconic logo of the brand, has always symbolized the idea of moving forward. The campaign looks to capture the journey of the billboard displaying the Striding Man, on #TheTravellingBillboard through influential travel photographers. The photographs taken by the selected photographers in their signature styles will become the creatives for OOH campaign spanning across the country. The campaign was conceptualized by brand solution partner, What’s Your Problem.

Johnnie Walker’s #TheTravellingBillboard pays tribute to this exploratory spirit that challenges people to taste more out of life by pushing boundaries. The traveling destinations include the Basgo Plains, known as one of the best locations in the world to stargaze, the abandoned Kuldhara village which is ripe with its own fantastic lore and even the underwater terrain of Andamans.

Speaking about this campaign, Abhishek Shahabadi, VP and Portfolio Head: Premium & Luxury brands at Diageo India said, “Exploration has been at the heart of Johnnie Walker over its 200 years of being. The brand instigates exploration of the rich possibilities of our world to discover experiences that satisfy a thirst for life.

“Today people love to engage with brands that are making them a part of the creative journey and so at the heart of this campaign is the desire to fuel exploration and to democratize the content creation across multimedia touchpoints and let everyone participate. #TheTravellingBillboard is designed to be a collaboration of explorers and photographers (everyone with a phone camera qualifies) who can tell the story of these unchartered locations through the Johnnie Walker lens in their unique styles. Hence, we not just have some of country’s most loved photographers travelling with billboard, but also have mini versions of the billboard travelling to all aspiring shutterbugs making it also a digitally travelling campaign” adds Khushboo Benani, Content and Influencer Marketing Head at Diageo India.

Ruchita Zambre, Group Creative Director, WYP, & Tejas Mehta, Strategy & Business Head said, “The brief from the Diageo team came in to do an OOH led campaign. After studying the international work done by the brand, we all felt that a basic OOH campaign will never do. It had to do more, create conversations, engage consumers. This thinking led us to create #TheTravellingBillboard; an OOH that roams the country in search for unique vistas. Thus, pushing the boundaries of what a billboard campaign can be like.



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