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‘Programmatic has really stepped up in OOH’

By Rajiv Raghunath - March 08, 2022

Barry Frey, President & CEO, DPAA, a leading global trade marketing association connecting OOH media with the advertising community while moving OOH to digital, shares his insights on the factors that are catalysing OOH growth in a rapidly evolving media environment.

Barry Frey, Media4GrowthAs we head into the third year of the global pandemic, something has changed; we’ve turned a corner. governments, businesses, health professionals and every day consumers around the world have realised Covid-19 is another health issue to be managed. Yes, parts of the world still impose and retract regulations plus curfews, stay at home orders, masking requirements and more, yet generally we’re all adapting to living with an endemic vs panicking at the pandemic.  We’re getting back to the office, hybrid work environments are taking shape, people are traveling again, movies are making money and millions of people are once again out and about, getting along with their daily lives.

As consumers and businesses come back… so is advertising and especially…. out of home advertising.  During these past two years, OOH has showcased its strengths and prepared for this come back. OOH has shown the global ad world that the medium (via increasing digitization), is nimble, agile and flexible.  We have easily paused, pushed and moved campaign schedules as needed and to where intended audiences exist.  The key “superpower” in all this has been OOH programmatic trading.   Programmatic has really stepped up in OOH and in addition we’ve used this time to connect all the pipes between supply and demand and prepare for the more – programmatic.

The global OOH industry has also taken this time to reconnect with brands and agencies. This has occurred through DPAA “lunch and learns” and the DPAA “Short Connects” video series which remind our clients of the attributes and power of out of home. DOOH media owners also entered into representation deals and helped their clients reach consumers from a 360 degree point of view. The industry also developed new measurement products, using data to help brands see ROI, developing solutions for a more cookieless world. And, brands are refocusing on context, something only OOH advertising can deliver.

Research has borne this out. According to a recent study conducted by Advertiser Perceptions for DPAA, 77% of brands and agencies increased their awareness and learning about OOH and DOOH in the last 18 months. The study also found that 66% activated a new DOOH campaign in that time period, and 81% plan to recommend DOOH in their media plans in the next year. Brands and agencies cited the medium’s ability to target, its contextual relevance, and its complementary nature to a digital plans, all as reasons for inclusion in omnichannel strategies.

Consumers are also paying more attention to DOOH. DPAA’s recent consumer study conducted by research firm Mfour looked at consumer sentiment around DOOH screens. A full 71% of consumers said they pay more attention to ads on DOOH screens over TV when watching ads. Half of consumers say digital screens outside the home are a good way to learn about brands, products and services. And about a third are likely to research more, purchase and tell others about products they see advertised on DOOH screens. 55% agree digital screens enhance the look of indoor locations making them look and feel more modern. Trust and information are important to consumers when paying attention to these screens. Approximately a third of consumers trust ads on DOOH compared with 18% for social media and 22% for internet ads. 88% of consumers agree that digital screens in doctor’s offices and pharmacies are a good source of health information. 81% find these screens helpful when they include customised content when at retail.

These are all very good signs as we emerge from pandemic panic to a world vibrant with the digitisation and growth of OOH for advertisers, municipalities and consumers.


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