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‘Major expansion is in the offing’

By Rajiv Raghunath - August 22, 2023

Raheel Amjad, Dy. Managing Director, JCDecaux India talks about the OOH opportunity universe in India in an interview with Rajiv Raghunath. Edited excerpts:

RAheel AmjadGlobally, JCDecaux has gone from strength to strength while acquiring major OOH contracts in different markets. Do you see JCDecaux India going on a big expansion spree in the coming times?

JCDecaux has indeed experienced significant growth and success globally, acquiring major OOH contracts in various markets. As for India, there is immense potential for expansion in India's OOH advertising landscape.

India is a dynamic and rapidly growing market with a burgeoning middle class and urbanisation trends that present a unique opportunity for JCDecaux India to expand its presence and offer innovative OOH solutions to advertisers. Government of India's focus on smart cities and transportation infrastructure provide a favourable environment for OOH advertising. With our expertise in transit media and street furniture, JCDecaux India is well-positioned to forge strategic partnerships to expand our footprint.

We are committed to bringing global best practices and cutting-edge technologies to the Indian market. I foresee JCDecaux India embarking on a significant expansion spree in the coming years, further strengthening our position as a leading player globally as well as in India.

Bangalore airport media business is a big piece of your overall business in India. Do you see the scope of expanding your airport media business to other cities?

Bangalore Airport holds significant importance within our overall business in India. We have established a strong presence and expertise in airport advertising with our successful partnership at Bangalore airport. The experience gained from this venture enables us to understand the unique requirements, operational intricacies, and audience dynamics of airport advertising in India. Considering the tremendous potential and the upward trajectory of air travel in India, JCDecaux sees a promising scope for expanding our airport media business to other cities. We are committed to exploring strategic partnerships, leveraging our expertise, and delivering exceptional advertising solutions that connect brands with their target audience at airports across the country.

Banclore airport OOH camapign

Transit media is the veritable engine of growth for Indian OOH. Did you see transit media attracting top advertisers at the airports and metro networks?

Transit media has become an increasingly effective advertising channel, and its appeal to top advertisers is evident in its ability to reach a captive audience in high-traffic locations such as airports and metro networks. Advertisers are constantly seeking innovative and impactful ways to connect with their target audience, and transit media offers a unique opportunity to do so.

Airports and metro networks are prime locations for transit media advertising due to the large number of people who pass through these spaces daily, providing a captive audience that is receptive to advertising messages while they are on the move, making it an ideal platform for brands to create awareness, engage with consumers, and drive brand recall.

Furthermore, airports and metro networks attract a diverse demographic, including business travellers, tourists, and daily commuters. This diversity allows advertisers to tailor their messages to specific target audiences or reach a broader consumer base, depending on their campaign objectives.

In recent years, we have witnessed significant advancements in technology and design within the transit media industry. Digital displays, interactive touchscreens, and innovative ad formats have enhanced the visual impact and engagement potential of transit media advertisements. These advancements make it even more appealing for top advertisers to invest in transit media to effectively communicate their brand message and create a lasting impression.

Have you explored the opportunity of association with smart city projects in India?

JCDecaux has evaluated opportunities with smart city projects and continues to explore sustainable business opportunities across various cities in India. Smart cities hold the future with rapid urbanisation, and we are confident our solutions will perfectly complement the cities infrastructure and beautification plans.

Banglore airport - HSBC campaign

OOH has a potential role in city beautification and urban development. Your thoughts?

I strongly believe that OOH advertising has a significant role to play in city beautification and urban development.

OOH advertising, when thoughtfully designed and implemented, has the power to transform public spaces, enhance aesthetics, and contribute to the overall visual appeal of a city. By integrating innovative and creative advertising displays into the urban landscape, we can create a harmonious blend of art, technology, architecture, and communication.

One of the key aspects of city beautification is the careful selection and placement of advertising structures that complement the surroundings. JCDecaux has a long-standing commitment to designing and installing street furniture and advertising displays that seamlessly integrate with the environment, preserving the city's architectural heritage and enhancing the overall visual experience.


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