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LG Business Solutions Div unveils cutting-edge displays

By Pray Jani - February 26, 2020

Partners & suppliers attended TechTalk 3.0 in Mumbai

LG’s Business Solutions Division hosted its TechTalk 3.0 event in Mumbai on February 24, an interactive session with their partners and suppliers, where the company introduced some of its top display solutions. Hemendu Sinha, Vice President & Business Head, B2B, LG Electronics India set the tone for the event by reiterating the business solutions division’s vision.

LG’s unveiled a wide range of their offerings such as the 130-inch all-in-one direct view remotely controlled LED screen which also has speakers -- 36 exciters, Dolby sound technology and “object-following sound”.

At the event, the company also amplified the value proposition of its patented Organic-LED (OLED) technology.

An OLED screen’s uniqueness is that it is able to get the perfect black, unlike other LED screens. OLED screens can also be shaped into different curves given their flexibility. The OLED display’s zero viewing angle give viewers the experience of standing right in front of the screen, from any angle. The screens also have a very high contrast ratio.

Other products discussed about were the LG Wallpaper, thin LED screen, In-glass OLED, OLED video wall and interactive OLED display screen. A unique product offered by LG was the LED Stretched screen available in 7ft x 2 ft dimension, and can be placed on narrow surfaces, either at malls or airports.


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