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‘Innovations are absolutely necessary for OOH’

By Pray Jani - May 26, 2021

Emraan Kureshi, MD, Active Media Innovations cites that fabrication of innovations calls for multiple expertise, such as, in woodwork, metalwork, sculpting, electrical work, etc.

Emraan Kureshi, MD, Active Media InnovationsInnovations are central to the success of a gamut of OOH campaigns, and yet those who give the innovative ideas the physical form that eventually attracts audience attention seldom get the accolades they richly deserved. But, that’s changing now.

Recent years have seen innovative concepts play a much bigger role for brands appearing on OOH. Specialist agencies are now keen on finding newer and innovative ways of using the OOH media. Simultaneously, the role of innovators, mounters and fabricators has increased as agencies and brands involve them in discussions.

Emraan Kureshi, MD, Active Media Innovations points out that “innovations have not only become significant but absolutely necessary in the last five years. As a direct outcome of the inevitable saturation in traditional OOH, brands have been trying to find ways to stand out in the OOH space since a decade now.” According to Emraan, there has been a significant rise in innovations that stemmed from market buzz created by leading brands through innovations on OOH, back in 2015. This, he believes, has triggered a wave of innovations that is likely to encourage other brands to do the same.

Emraan Kureshi’s Active Media Innovations has extensively helped brands equip their OOH campaigns with stand-out innovations. He suggests that although agencies and brands have content production and execution teams, the fabrication and technological aspects are where innovators have to be included in the conversation. “Fabrication includes multiple specialisations such as woodwork, metalwork, sculpting and electrical work, to name a few. Technology includes an even wider range of specialisations including software programming, electronics, telecommunication, display technologies and artificial intelligence. Since any innovative ideation has to tap into the potential of such a diverse range of specialisations, innovators, with their expertise and experience across these specialisations, are uniquely positioned to lead and guide the ideation process.”


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