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‘We’re looking at optimising screen time, keeping content fresh’

By Bhawana Anand - May 12, 2020

dRSTi Communications Founder Mohith Manjunath talks about the new norms that will govern corporate workplaces and how media can be best employed for brand & public messaging

Mohith Manjunath, Founder, dRSTi Communications dRSTi Communications, which has carved a niche for itself in the realm of workplace branding, having business footprints at 150+ corporate parks in 8 cities with an estimated reach to 45+ lakh corporate professionals, is gearing up to make its advertising assets all more compelling for advertising brands in the current circumstances. At the same time, the firm is making every effort to promote the initiatives for ensuring the safety of people working at the corporate parks. Mohith Manjunath, Founder of dRSTi Communications throws light on the business matters. Edited excerpts of the interview:

What measures will ensure the safety of people working at large workplaces like corporate parks?

The Ministry of Home Affairs and WHO have issued certain guidelines for managing the spread of Covid-19. Based on those SOPs, the workplaces are now open with the most stringent measures to ensure those habitats are secure and safe.

Corporate parks were known for their systematic approach even in the pre-pandemic period and now given the unprecedent time, they have put out the best practises in terms of regular and frequent sanitising, mandatory screening, mobilising the on-ground staff, touch- free mechanism, staggered movement of men and material through the day to ensure social distancing.

What particular measure are being taken to manage people movement within the premises?

The corporate parks have identified various touchpoints and have implemented safety measures through strict SOPs and are practising the 5S policy of Screening > Segregation > Social Distancing > Sanitising > Sensitising with zero tolerance/ deviations.

Compulsory thermal screening, deployment of the ground staff, regular disinfecting of lifts, machines, washrooms and other common areas, staggered lunch breaks, floor markings and usage of shared services, such as, elevators and cafeteria to ensure social distancing, are being undertaken.

What kind of investment is required to create a working space as per the new living style?

Corporate parks house the world’s Fortune 500 companies and to a large extent the developers have already implemented a lot of safety features prior to the pandemic. The establishments have world class facilities and strict guidelines for the safety, security, hygiene and screening of all people.

However, the new guidelines have pushed these measures further and corporate parks are looking at the latest technologies and safety measures. AI based social distancing identification, camera-based heat maps and population density reporting are among the latest techs that leading campuses are adding to their features.

Additionally, during this pre-vaccine stage, as immediate measures, they are looking at installation of touchless hand sanitisers, disinfection tunnels, safety kit/ mask dispensing machines, sanitised delivery zones for package drop-offs among many other initiatives for keeping the campuses COVID proof.  These campuses are working with various brands, corporate tenants and other relevant stakeholders to get these immediately implemented.

How are you using the capabilities of Digital media to help in communicating the new normal?

Biztalk, the Digital Signage Network across our campuses, functions as a real-time communication channel from brands and campus management to the professionals at these workplaces.

Some of the content currently being broadcasted:

  1. Live Updates
  • Twitter handle of Ministry of Health, Govt. of India
  • Guidelines and updates from WHO
  • Revised movement routes, Food Court/Elevator usage on the campus
  • General safety advisory as a personal message from respective managements.
  1. Quick Tips, sensitisation & motivation 
  • Hygiene – keeping workstations clean, self-care tips
  • Social distancing guidelines
  • Given the tough times it is important to lift the spirits of people. The last couple of months have been a period of fear and anxiety. At this point it is very important to welcome the employees back with positive messages, cheerful/motivational quotes.

Is there a requirement to modify the placement of digital media as per the new norms?

Our digital screens are placed at vital touchpoints across the campus to ensure maximum visibility. Key areas covered are entry/exit points, lobby areas, food courts and recreation zones.

Also, we are looking at adding new signages at certain sites where the dwell time has drastically increased. Common pain-point locations happen to be the elevators and the landing areas, which will now on operate at 30% capacity.

Most importantly, in light of the increased wait time due to additional screening and social distancing guidelines, we are looking at optimising the screen time and keeping the content fresh and relevant for the corporate professionals.

What challenges are you facing in building the new workspace?

These are tough times and implementing any new process and method is very challenging. Adapting to new guidelines is a slow process in itself, however this cannot be neglected and is of utmost importance.

The biggest challenge will be quick collaboration with vendors, brands and market experts to effectively implement the planned safety initiatives.

Also, with the expected increase in footfalls at these economic epicentres, it will be important to keep the employees, visitors and vendors informed of the latest developments and get them to adhere to the prescribed regulations.

The ‘New Normal’ of the workplaces is here to stay.


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