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Matt Steffenson, Director of Supply, APAC, Vistar Media to address OAC 2023 on pDOOH

By M4G Bureau - June 07, 2023

Matt will be sharing his perspectives on the success factors of pDOOH, drawing upon case studies, and the pain-points of media owners and buyers that get addressed.

Programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) advertising is one of the most discussed themes in the OOH space today as DOOH gains significant ground across markets. In India, with increasing digitalisation of OOH media, there are early signs that pDOOH advertising will gain wider market acceptance and deliver superior outcomes to brands. Against this backdrop, Matt Steffenson, Director of Supply, APAC, Vistar Media, the world’s leading provider of software solutions for programmatic OOH, will be addressing the upcoming Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) on the theme of ‘How pDOOH can be the growth multiplier’. OAC 2023 will be held at the Manekshaw Centre in Delhi on July 28-29, 2023.

Matt steffenson

At Vistar, Matt helps media owners across APAC successfully connect their inventory to the programmatic marketplace. 

Prior to joining Vistar, Matt worked as Senior Director of Demand Facilitation at SpotX, a global video advertising platform, and previously held media roles at Jemm Media, LivingSocial Australia and Network 10.

OAC 2023 will be addressed by global OOH leaders, top brand marketers, media planners and strategists, government officials, adtech specialists, creative professionals, among others, on diverse themes:

  • Smarter, creative OOH delivering high impact campaigns
  • Growing the DOOH / pDOOH pie
  • Technology adoption for OOH Competitiveness
  • Retail DOOH opportunity
  • Smart city projects / urban development & OOH
  • Green solutions including EV charger media networks
  • Ad verification & media monitoring tools. 

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