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Kerala HC gives state govt 2 weeks to submit report on PVC flex recycling

By Bhawana Anand - October 23, 2019

The state government is called upon to furnish proof that PVC Flex is non-recyclable

KeralaIn a court hearing on the petition filed by the Sign Printing Industries Association (SPIA) contesting the ban on use of PVC flex for publicity purposes by the Kerala State Government, the High Court of Kerala has given the state government two weeks to submit proof that PVC flex is not recyclable. The state government had earlier requested for three weeks’ duration to prepare the report. It was the second court hearing on the matter.

KeralaSPIA has taken various initiatives to bring back the usage of PVC flex for advertising and publicity in the state. The association has collected PVC flex from 14 districts of the state for recycling. “We are sending one truck load of flex to the recycling unit in Rudrapur. They have a complete set up to handle such huge quantity of flex,” said Vijayaraj, an SPIA spokesperson.

KeralaSPIA had also staged a 16-day relay satyagraha in front of the secretariat. Various political representatives also joined the protest; the opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala inaugurated the protest, other politicians like Shashi Tharoor and INTUC President Chandrasekharan visited to show their support. More than 20,000 protestors had turned up from different districts for the protest.

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