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Media owners need to adopt audience metrics to grow business: Praveen Vadhera

By Sakshi Sanghavi - April 25, 2024

Praveen Vadhera, CEO, IOAA highlights how Roadstar holds the key to business growth

Praveen Vadhera

Addressing the Gujarat Talks OOH conference organised by Media4Growth in Ahmedabad on April 23, Praveen Vadhera, CEO of Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA), spoke about how the apex OOH body has a key role cut out for driving the progress of Gujarat OOH.

Praveen commenced his address by engaging the audience with a thought-provoking question: Why is IOAA important? He emphasised the significance of IOAA in the OOH landscape, particularly in a region like Gujarat, where OOH advertising is gaining traction. Highlighting the industry's statistics, he noted that OOH constitutes between 2-4% of total media buying, with agencies claiming 40% of the share, leaving the remaining 60% being transaction in direct business between the media owners and brands.

He pointed out that while the national brand OOH advertising is largely canalised through national specialist agencies, Gujarat has a gamut of highly successful regional brands that tend to do direct business with the media owners. Hence, it is imperative that the media owners themselves adopt all key tools like audience metrics for their respective businesses.

This is where IOAA steps in with its innovative Roadstar software, developed by Relu AI, harnessing data from over 15 crore sources, and filtering it down to 4 crore relevant numbers. With Roadstar, media owners gain access to valuable insights such as the geographical movements of their target audience, their mobile device preferences, and frequented locations, enabling them to tailor their advertising strategies effectively.

During the Q&A session, Vadhera fielded inquiries from media owners and brands, elucidating how they stand to benefit from Roadstar and outlining the necessary steps for utilising the software. His responses underscored IOAA's commitment to empowering stakeholders in the OOH ecosystem with data-driven solutions to drive growth and effectiveness in advertising campaigns.

In conclusion, Praveen Vadhera's speech at Gujarat Talks OOH underscored IOAA's pivotal role in advancing Gujarat's OOH landscape. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, IOAA aims to revolutionise the OOH industry, empowering media owners to make informed decisions and maximise their business outcomes. 


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