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Charles Parry-Okeden, Global CEO, Executive Channel Network & Independent Chair, OMA & MOVE, Australia to address OAC 2024 in Bengaluru

By M4G Bureau - February 26, 2024

Charles will be speaking on the theme of 'How the currency journey takes OOH to growth destination'

Charles Parry-Okeden

As Indian OOH gears up to board a higher growth trajectory and double its share of the ad pie, the industry’s currency journey assumes critical importance. In the upcoming 18th OOH Advertising Convention (OAC), to be organised in Bengaluru on July 26-27, 2024, well known media leader and a key force behind OOH audience metrics in Australia, Charles Parry-Okeden, Co-Founder & Global CEO of Executive Channel Network and Independent Chair of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) of Australia & MOVE will be speaking on 'How the currency journey takes OOH to growth destination'.

Charles will share his perspectives on:

  • How MOVE catalysed OOH business growth in Australia and key milestones achieved thereof
  • What steps contributed to widescale adoption of the common currency and how media owners saw a correlation between adoption of MOVE and revenue growth
  • How was the MOVE project was funded, and benefits derived by the industry stakeholders 
  • How continuous improvement is sustained and the ushering in of MOVE 2.0.

Charles, based in Sydney, Australia over 30 years’ experience in the media industry. He spent 11 years at Buspak Advertising Group, ultimately holding its most senior sales position - Sales Director Australia & New Zealand (ANZ). In 2003 Buspak merged with three other wholly-owned APN News & Media companies (Cody Outdoor, Australian Posters & Captive Media) to form APN Outdoor. At that time Charles was appointed the Sales Director (NSW) role across all brands, and was managing Australia's largest outdoor media sales team.

In 2005 Charles' entrepreneurial spirit saw him co-found Executive Channel (ECN), one of the first DOOH media networks in Australia at the time.

In his role of Global CEO Charles has overseen a number of successful capital raisings, the sale of the Australian ECN business in 2016 (to oOH! Media), and the continued expansion of ECN across Europe, with operations today in the UK, France, Germany, and Belgium.

In 2008 Charles established a highly successful B2B business model with the launch of Australian Media Channel Pty Ltd (Media i). Today Media i is Australia's most consumed trade media channel amongst media agency planner/buyers with more than 200 screens deployed in excess of 100 offices across Australia. Media i is also behind the successful launch of the digital trade publishing business MI-3. 

Charles is also President of Media EYE France, a joint venture between ECH and Adwanted Group.

In 2017 Charles was the first media owner to be inducted into the Media Federation of Australia Hall of Fame.  

As Global CEO of Executive Channel Holdings Pty Ltd (ECH), Charles manages the ECH group of companies and investments. 


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