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Xtreme Media installs India’s largest digital billboard

By M4G Bureau - April 20, 2023

With a pixel pitch of 5.9mm, screen size of 18.3m x 12.2m and 3078 x 1944 screen resolution, the installation of this screen is set to elevate outdoor advertising in India

"Loved this Display?" caption by Xtream media on Western Express HighwayIn recent times, there has been a significant shift in the advertising industry from static hoardings to digital billboards. The presence of digital technology has made it possible for advertisers to create more dynamic and engaging content, thereby attracting more attention from the people viewing the content.

With the reduced attention span that is prevalent in today’s day and age, making the switch from traditional to digital can be the ultimate problem solver. Devangi Outdoor Advertising is a one-stop-shop for outdoor media solutions and offers new propositions to various companies who aspire to make their brand more noticeable. The company aimed to elevate their outdoor advertising experience by going digital with their advertisements. To that effect, they required a sturdy screen that could display their commercial ads by seeking more attention and leaving an impression on the viewers. To help them in their transition journey from traditional hoardings to digital signages, the client approached India’s leading LED display manufacturer, Xtreme Media. 

After analysing the client’s requirements, Xtreme Media felt that its bestselling Rigel Plus would help the client achieve their goal. The client was thrilled to hear about this proposal. 

It was not all rosy from the get-go. Like any project, Xtreme Media faced a few challenges along the way. To begin with, the screen was supposed to be installed next to a railroad track, which made the entire installation process challenging. Moreover, the team had to cross the railroad lines to get to the screen cabinets. Installing the screen was a dangerous job, but Xtreme Media’s team ensured that every precaution was taken, and the task was successfully accomplished with no errors.

With a pixel pitch of 5.9mm, screen size of 18.3m x 12.2m and 3078 x 1944 screen resolution, the installation of this screen is set to elevate outdoor advertising in India by becoming the largest digital billboard in the country. Xtreme Media is known to be the brand behind India's largest outdoor LED screen, India's tallest outdoor LED screen, India's first floating outdoor LED screen, and more. With over 25 years of expertise, the brand is known for its built-to-last quality, customer-centric innovations, and best-in-industry service. 

The screen today stands weatherproof with IP65 protection. Its lightweight die-cast aluminium cabinets made the entireprocess of dismantling and installation simpler. Installed near Eastern Express Highway in Ghatkopar, the screen is equipped with qualities like high contrast ratio and high brightness. The visuals on the screen captivated the passersby with their high-quality imagery and overall aesthetic appeal. Moreover, Xtreme Media packaged the screen for the client with IoT monitoring (Vigilant Technology) - a tool that checks the health of the display, making it simple and efficient to track errors and abnormalities in the display. 

This outdoor LED display elegantly placed a wow factor and to top it up, Xtreme Media offered an exceptional 7-year warranty, the first and only service of its kind in the world to provide peace of mind to its customers. 


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