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Xtreme Media: Great quality and unbeatable price; the promise of a reliable LED display manufacturer.

By M4G Bureau - August 11, 2023

“LED displays are available at a wide range of prices, making them accessible to a diverse range of audiences. Whether you're looking for an affordable solution or are willing to invest in top-of-the-line technology, the market offers a range of LED displays to cater to different price points and meet your specific display needs.” says Sanket Rambhia, CEO & MD, Xtreme Media.

Importance of making informed decision:

In the world of LED displays, it is crucial to choose a quality display as the market is unorganized. Making an informed decision is crucial to avoid pitfalls and ensure a satisfactory outcome. With numerous players in the market, it becomes important for the consumers to conduct thorough research about the factors determining the price.

Factors determining price layout

Parameters determining price:

Pixel Pitch: Pixel pitch determines the distance between 2 LED pixels. Smaller pixel pitch results in higher resolution and finer image quality, but it also increases the cost.

Lamp Makes: The quality of the LED lamps is the most important factor and has the highest impact on price. Higher quality LED lamps will have higher chip size resulting in higher brightness and lower power consumption, thereby reducing heat generation, and increasing the lifespan. This parameter leads to a price variation of up to 50%.

Bonding Wire: The type of bonding wire used in the LED lamp affects the display's durability and longevity. In most cases, gold wire lamps also have bigger chip sizes. Gold wire lamps are often 30 – 100% more expensive than copper wire lamps.

Cabinet Type: Cabinets made from lightweight and durable materials like aluminum tend to be more expensive than mild steel designs. Die-cast aluminum cabinets have better heat dissipation, better flatness and are rustproof.

Brightness: Displays with higher brightness levels have better visibility during daytime. These displays use higher quality LED lamps with higher brightness and hence are more expensive.

Power Consumption: Energy-efficient displays with lower power consumption use efficient power supplies and innovative power saving technologies such as common cathode driving. This increases the price of these displays.

Power Factor Correction (PFC): LED displays with power factor correction reduce power wastage by approximately 25%. Power supplies with PFC are almost 2X more expensive than normal power supplies, thereby increasing the cost of the displays.

Ingress Protection (IP): IP rating indicates the display's resistance to dust and water ingress. Products with higher IP rating such as IP65 or IP66 have better durability and suitability for outdoor environments as compared to an IP54 or lower rated product. Design differences such as fan less design, higher thermal capacity of the components in IP65/66 rated products contribute to higher costs for these displays.

In addition to these, various other parameters like PCB quality, soldering quality etc. affect the pricing of the LED displays.

Sanket rambhiaXtreme Media’s offerings:

Xtreme Media, the largest national LED display manufacturer offers a wide range of LED displays catering to various price points without compromising on the quality. Our products have high quality lamps that result in higher daytime visibility and lower power consumption. We use die-cast aluminum cabinets for all our outdoor products ensuring seamless viewing experience and easy installation. Below are the USPs of some of our outdoor products:

Earth: Common cathode LED displays, reduce electricity expenses by 65%.

Rigel Plus: IP65 design with PFC power supplies, ultra-lightweight cabinets.

Nyx OD: High quality lamps, rugged built, easy on pocket.

Xtreme Media also provides Vigilant technology that does live monitoring of the screens and checks the health of the displays to ensure smooth functioning.

Xtreme Media’s dedication to providing standard quality at every price point sets them apart in the market and ensures that customers receive value for their investment, regardless of their budget constraints. We offer a standard 7-year warranty at no extra cost on our displays that guarantees peace of mind to our customers.

While offering more affordable options, the brand believes in being transparent to its customers in terms of its product offerings and prioritizes delivering reliable and satisfactory LED displays.


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