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TOMI launches mask detection function and reactivates pedestrians’ detection and counting feature

By M4G Bureau - January 22, 2021

In addition to the new feature, TOMI displays advising messages according to the number of people detected

TOMI launches a new feature that allows the detection and  counting of pedestrians with, or without, an individual protection mask. Through an artificial intelligence algorithm, and using the computer vision module, it is possible to detect citizens, and classify each one of the recognitions as using, or not using a mask. The entire system is based on anonymous data, respecting all the privacy regulations.

Whenever people are detected on the street without a mask, TOMI issues alerts warning them to use the facial mask “Wear your mask, protect yourself and the others! Follow the rules and do wear a mask on the street!”.

In addition to the new feature and awareness of the use of masks, and given the new decreed lockdown, TOMI has made available again the pedestrians' detection and counting features, allowing the display of advising messages according to the number of people detected. TOMI displays messages asking to stay at home when one person is detected, and it advises to practice social distancing when two or more people are detected near a TOMI.

José Agostinho, TOMI WORLD CEO, believes that this feature will help to alert the population for the importance of using the mask. “The use of the mask is one of the key ways to help all the surrounding people to stay protected from Covid-19 and to contribute to return to normal in all over the world as soon as possible. This feature allows the citizen to be aware of the importance of wearing a mask.”

This new feature is fundamental in the context in which we live, where mask usage is a way of protecting ourselves and protecting others. This is a very practical way to remind everyone that the mask is an essential ally to prevent Covid-19. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, TOMI has implemented numerous features to prevent, alert, and raise awareness about Covid-19. In collaboration with national health entities, TOMI communicates preventive measures and recommendations.

As part of all technologies that TOMI has implemented, there is one highly relevant feature, which is TOMI Remote Control, that allows TOMI users to interact with the device via their smartphone. The users only need to read the QR Code with their smartphone, and they can explore all the modules (news, events, points of interest, transports, ...) or even take a photo/Gif. 

TOMI works as a powerful tool to emphasize the communication on the prevention measures of Covid-19, when providing vital information and last-minute alerts, from credible sources such as national health authorities.


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