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‘Now is the time for us to enhance software capabilities in our media’

By Pray Jani - April 09, 2020

Sandeep Bommireddi, Co-Founder of Adonmo, listed in the Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 of 2020, underlines the firm’s laser focus on developing innovative solutions

Sandeep Bommireddi, Co-Founder, AdonmoEarlier this week, the co-founder of the unicorn media company Adonmo, Sandeep Bommireddi has been named in the Forbes’ list of Asia’s 30 under 30 of 2020 for his exceptional achievements in the outdoor advertising industry. An IIT Indore graduate, Sandeep brings his knowledge about technology in developing the cabtop digital media for the OOH industry.

Backed by Alibaba Group, Adonmo has been flourished with huge funding in the past few months and looking to expand to various parts of the country with their service beyond Mumbai and Hyderabad. Speaking about this achievement Media4Growth, Sandeep expressed, “Our industry is dominated by veterans and traditional big-boys. There are indeed some difficulties for young-blood to enter and make their mark. However, for us it's all about increasing the industry’s pie rather than grabing a piece of it. That, in my opinion is what is important and must be our one true focus and, in that lies our collective success.”

Reflecting on the current business situation, he said, “These are difficult times for the industry but there is always something to develop hence this is the time for us to enhance software capabilities in our media. Our team is working on developing our backend software, and for the first time we are shifting our focus from location and time to audience and TG offerings to clients. We are hoping to make our service more focused on ROI in our renewed model wherein we have partnered with a lot of companies for this same.”

According to Sandeep, it could take a lot of time for the market to recover after the pandemic where they are trying to remain prepared for about 15-18 months of down time. However, once the lockdown is lifted, Sandeep said that they will be making some innovative offerings to brand categories such as refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Adonmo has developed a technology to detect temperature change and believes that it can be important for brands that appear on the screens in summer.

Another advantage, he cites is that, “Cabtop media is available at a much lower cost than traditional media and with programmatic advertising involved, brands will be charged only when their ad is displayed.”



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