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Platinum Outdoor dials into OOH to highlight Vi indoor network

By M4G Bureau - May 23, 2022

The campaign has been executed on billboards, unipoles, and bus shelter media located across Delhi/NCR that communicates the brand's core message, "enjoy strong network indoors".

Platinum Outdoor, a unit of Madison World, has launches an OOH hyperlocal campaign for Vi to highlight their enhanced 4G experience and strong indoor coverage. With this campaign going live, Vi has reached every corner of Delhi/NCR with strong indoor network coverage. A Platinum Outdoor releases states that “Vi's 4G services and a better calling experience will bring consumers closer to better phone experiences. With reduced call-drops and faster download and upload rates, the audience can work from home with ease, watch videos, listen to endless songs, play fun games, and read informative supplements. Vi has deployed state-of-the-art DSS technology to optimize the 4G spectrum, thereby offering a better user experience in terms of speed and connectivity.”

The campaign involves a series of installations including billboards, unipoles, and bus shelters located across Delhi/NCR that communicates the brand's core message, "enjoy strong network indoors". Through this campaign, the brand aims to achieve this goal by showing its strong indoor coverage in the remotest areas of one's home, office, basements etc. Already, the campaign has captured consumers' attention.

The OOH agency maintains that there were numerous challenges in planning and deploying such an area-specific campaign with over 75 unique sites. Concluding these 75+ sites required a comprehensive understanding of the strong indoor coverage reception areas and properly combining these insights with the campaign's communication. It was imperative to be 100% sure of the placements because these sites extended from one end of the NCR to another in Delhi, which the campaign was able to deliver according to the pre-requisites, making it an absolute success.

Vi added almost 700 4G sites since the pandemic, ensuring that its customers are always connected at all times in Delhi & NCR. Vi has also installed nearly 2400 ma-MIMO installations and 2300 small cells in Delhi & NCR. Thus, even at high population pockets, users of the circle's Vi service are experiencing enhanced indoor voice and data experiences.

Arvinder Sachdev, Operations Director, North, Vi said, “We invite all pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone users in New Delhi & NCR to experience a superior, upgraded indoor 4G experience on the Vi network. Over the past year, we have undertaken numerous initiatives to improve our 4G coverage in the circle as well as to strengthen our indoor coverage even in congested areas in the National Capital. Customers can choose from a variety of plans that allow everyone in the family to do more and get more with Vi's 4G network. Throughout our efforts to achieve 5G readiness, we remain focused on providing the best technologies, products, and services to keep delighting our customers.”

Dipankar Sanyal, CEO, Platinum Outdoor and MRP said, “Vi checks all the boxes for a stellar outdoor campaign. It has been an exciting experience for our teams to plan and execute such a large campaign. The campaign has already had a tremendous impact on the brand.”


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