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Leading Delhi-based agency executes extensive BJP campaign in Karnataka ahead of state assembly polls

By M4G Bureau - May 01, 2023

Multiple OOH formats have been used for the campaign

Leading Delhi-based agency that has planned and executed major political campaigns in different states of the country has now executed a massive Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) campaign ahead of the Karnataka State Assembly Elections. The campaign was designed to convey the party's vision and message to the people of Karnataka through various outdoor advertising formats, such as, digital wall painting, wall wrap, shop signage, bus queue shelter media, digital LED boards, and transit media like auto hood branding, LED ‘rath’ branding, and temporary ‘rath’. These mediums were carefully selected to ensure maximum visibility and engagement with the public.

The digital wall painting and wall wrap campaigns were particularly effective in creating a lasting impression on the people of Karnataka. The shop signage, bus queue shelters, and digital LED boards were taken up in high-traffic areas.

Transit media advertising was also successful in creating a buzz around the BJP's message and vision. The LED ‘rath’ branding campaign, in particular, drew a lot of attention from people as it was a unique and innovative way of advertising.

"We are extremely proud to have executed such successful campaigns for the Bharatiya Janta Party in the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023," said a spokesperson of the agency. "Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the party's message and vision reached the maximum number of people in Karnataka. We are confident that our efforts have made a significant impact on the outcome of the elections."

The agency has a proven track record of executing successful political campaigns in various states across the country. Their expertise in outdoor advertising and transit media advertising has been widely recognised and appreciated by political parties and their supporters.


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