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‘We are very bullish on potential of Indian DOOH market’

By Amaan Kazmi - January 02, 2018

Liseanne Gillham, Vice President - Marketing, Broadsign, asserts that DOOH media is primed for rapid expansion in the Indian market. Liseanne believes that media owners are definitely interested in adopting digital. They clearly see the benefits and ROI of moving to digital

What were the key challenges for Broadsign in the year 2017 and what were the major achievements?

In 2017 Broadsign’s biggest challenge and achievement was in transitioning from being a single product company to having multiple products and becoming a DOOH platform. We have made significant progress in this area, having launched two new products to help media owners generate more revenue.

The first, Broadsign Direct, simplifies the direct sales process by enabling sales teams to view real-time ad inventory availability and create proposals on the fly. The second, Broadsign Reach, is an SSP that enables media owners to access digital media buyers and sell excess inventory programmatically.

It’s been a major undertaking: opening up the Broadsign platform to automated “programmatic” DOOH media buying involves educating media owners on the benefits of programmatic and the opportunity to reach new media buyers, integrating with digital media buying platforms, and educating digital media buyers about the benefits of DOOH vs online and mobile.

In your view, how are Broadsign products facilitating the penetration of DOOH. Substantiate with figures.

Broadsign is the leading DOOH platform for ad based networks globally. Our platform now powers 130,000 screens globally, in 52 countries. Our publisher network serves more than 360 million ads/day, generating 15 billion impressions/month.

Broadsign Reach, our SSP, now enables our extensive network of media owners/publishers to access traditional online/mobile digital media buyers to help make the process of selling, buying, and distributing DOOH ads easier than ever.

Please share your thoughts on Broadsign’s recent collaborations with clients and their experience of partnering with you.

Adspace: Broadsign helps streamline content delivery to enable Adspace to continue to improve the shopping experience. Broadsign’s software allows Adspace to deliver customised content to their 300+ locations. An automated network ensures that messaging and campaigns are always timely, accurate and up-to-date. With an open API and industry best partners, Adspace can include unique content and third-party integrations with ease and efficiency.

Grandi Stazioni Retail: With Broadsign, Grandi Stazioni Retail automates their content and targets the right people at the right time by updating content based on specific times in the day, the current weather, a viewer’s mood and more. For example, for morning passengers who could use a pick-me-up, Grandi Stazioni Retail can display advertising for a local cafe between 6AM and10 AM.

Clear Digital Media: As Clear Digital Media continues to grow and build their educational network, they’ve relied on partners such as Broadsign to help streamline their content delivery. Using Broadsign’s automation digital signage software, CDM is able to deliver their customised content and ads to individual waiting rooms in over 700 locations. The Broadsign platform also offers a programmatic ad-buying model, which allows CDM to better monetise their ad inventory and give advertisers more opportunities to reach a specific target audience within the hearing health sector.

With a presence over 52 countries and immense experience in DOOH space, how would you assess Broadsign’s growth. Please substantiate this with figures.

Broadsign is a private company and as such we do not release revenue or growth numbers.  However, I am happy to confirm that we are growing well above DOOH market growth rates which is a great vote of confidence in our platform, which is known for its security, stability and quality.

Comparatively which part of the world has made commendable strides in DOOH?

For Broadsign we have seen growth in all our key geographical markets in 2017. This is truly an international business.

BROADSIGN has taken a step forward in crowd analytics by partnering with Quividi and Linkett. How is the collaboration boosting Broadsign’s brand image?

Partnerships with innovative companies such as Quividi and Linkett are critical to both growing DOOH as a leading advertising medium and growing Broadsign as the industry’s platform of choice. Broadsign has always been known as one of (if not ‘the’ most) the open platforms in our industry. Enabling both custom integrations and established partners to work with Broadsign is important to our customers as it extends the capabilities of their solution and enables unique value propositions.

What are Broadsign’s views on Indian market potential?

At Broadsign we are really very excited about the potential of Indian market. With such a large population base, billboard operators are plentiful and media owners are definitely interested in adopting digital. They clearly see the benefits and ROI of moving to digital. Independent market growth numbers project an 18% growth for India in 2018 which is certainly very healthy! Transportation, such as the expansion and modernisation of airports, train stations and metros are key drivers of this growth with numerous large projects on the horizon.






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