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‘There’s so much to airport media’

By M4G Bureau - March 14, 2019

Puneet Anand, Sr. General Manager & Group Head (Marketing) Hyundai Motor India talks about how the brand views airport advertising and indeed the entire OOH spectrum

Hyundai has taken spaces for permanent signage at various airports. What is the marketing strategy behind this?

Airport advertising and in-flight advertising are some of the best ways to reach out to your target audiences. Hyundai as a brand bets on airport advertising as they offer a cost-effective and innovative means to communicate Hyundai’s messages to the captive audiences comprising mainly business and leisure travellers, who complement Hyundai’s modern-premium appeal. The usage of new options, innovations and customised advertising offerings available at airports help increase our awareness and brand affinity.

We reach out to several customers and leverage the 360-degree media approach including print, television, digital and OOH platforms. OOH is integral to our communications plan. The scale, visibility and effect of outdoor advertising helps us create clutter breaking brand visibility. Outdoor has applications at different stages of the purchase funnel and we leverage that to complement our overall marketing plan.

What changes do you anticipate in transit outdoor advertising?

Internationally a lot of innovation has already been seen with respect to Digital OOH and transit and other ambient options of advertising. As brands evolve, so do their target audiences and the approach towards communication also transforms. Hyundai, being the early adopters of digital advertising technology, has always tried to be precise yet innovative in its communications approach.

Our intent is to create impactful content that standout in the automobile industry. Hence, our campaigns have not only set a benchmark in the industry but also become a shining example of the unique communication approach. I still feel traditional transit advertising on metro, railway stations, buses and cabs have a very direct and vigorous impact on the audience.

Could you share some example stating that airport advertising works for the brand?

Our recent All New Hyundai Santro launch is a good example of airport advertising. Along with TV, print and digital, we used OOH advertising on conventional formats, airport media, mall media and other such avenues in a big way and achieved unprecedented enquiries from customers.



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