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Demand for green fabric rising in the face of curbs on use of flex

By Bhawana Anand - November 01, 2018

However, the green material may not match flex in terms of speed of printing, durability

As the urban local bodies in different states like Karnataka enforcing ban on use of flex for outdoor advertising, there is seemingly a rise in demand for alternative material for outdoor media. Deepak Gupta, Director of Sun Sign & Technologies, a major supplier of alternative material for outdoor media, told Media4Growth that the demand is principally coming from markets where stringent norms with regard to use of flex for outdoor advertising have been applied. “However, since these bans were enforced at a relatively short notice we did not have adequate time to stock up our material to meet the demand. We are also struggling to complete our orders due to which we have stopped taking fresh orders as of now,” he said.

In fact, the company states this increase in demand is going to continue even after the festive season gets over since there is no other option available in the market to meet the outdoor advertising demand. The procurement partner of Starflex material in India has different categories of green materials, such as, PVC free, fabric and biodegradable materials.

Deepak stated that the authorities have particularly targeted the outdoor advertising media, as PVC is still being used in so many places, such as, on autorickshaws. Also, PVC material is used in many developed markets.

He pointed out the green material cannot be printed at the speed at which flex material can be printed on. “So, if a client wants to deploy a site let’s say by tomorrow, it won’t be possible because the printing process consumes a lot of time”, explains Deepak. Also, the shelf life of the green material isn’t too long and is not so durable in the face of heavy rains and strong winds.

As a solution, Deepak suggested that the civic bodies should decide on the locations where the alternative fabric and flex materials can be used judiciously and also issue a mandate to recycle the flex after the campaign is over.



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