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'OOH impacts perception'

By M4G Bureau - January 15, 2014

Parag Desai, Executive Director- Wagh Bakri Tea Group, tells Outdoor Asia how an effective OOH campaign helps enhance the brand value in the minds of the consumers.

Average spend on OOH

We generally spend 20% of our Marketing and Sales Promotions budget on Outdoors.
As we are growing in terms of markets, it is necessary to change the budget accordingly. In new markets, especially metros, we try to connect with the audience through OOH because in metros and tier-1 city people generally commute a lot and there we try to get their attention.

Role of OOH

OOH helps to connect with the audience on a larger scale and on focused geographies. It can be a property to seek attention of the target audience and make them more curious about the brand. To give you an example, recently we did a campaign for Mili brand in Mumbai. We had identified more than hundred best bus routes and did a bus shelter campaign for the brand. The idea was to catch the attention of audience at the place they start and end their day. We got very positive feedback for the campaign. This also helped us increase our placements in Mumbai.

Comparative performance of OOH

OOH largely works as reminder media. We always take it as a part of our campaign. Being a FMCG company, it is necessary for us to enhance consumer experience and create buzz for our brand. We use OOH to communicate to our target audience focusing on specific geographical locations.

Exploring formats
We keep on exploring different media from time to time, be it traditional OOH or digital.

Specific impact from these formats

OOH, be it traditional or digital, leaves significant impact on perceptions. Many times we use OOH where ever new and innovative media is possible. Even in rural market OOH medium is a proven medium of communication and it makes much sense also. In rural we target ST bus stands.

Strong OOH markets

We spend slightly more for OOH in new markets. We used OOH with press advertisements in a big manner to announce Wagh Bakri launch in western UP. We also use OOH in every state/ regions and markets where we are present. Also, we specially focus on rural market, where advertisement through other media is still not as effective as OOH.

Challenges in innovations

An innovative campaign still faces problems in rural market, due to various reasons like lack of skilled manpower, infrastructure etc. These challenges are general but due to specialisation and professionalism in the OOH industry, the scenario is fast changing.

Measurement of impact

We measure impact of any campaign based on two parameters- quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative is largely connected with sales, demand and product aware quotients. At the same time, qualitative stands with increase in our brand awareness. Sometimes, for large campaigns, we do take the help of market research agencies. But usually we judge impact with internal audit and channel partners, besides customer feedback.

Role of specialist agencies

In these competitive times and the resultant fast moving lifestyles, one needs to be innovative to stand out. OOH specialist agencies are expected to come with new and innovative campaign ideas, which can be implemented easily and which work for our brands.

Factors that will drive OOH spends

The OOH industry needs to get more "organised”. This way clients/ companies would get better mileage for the resources they spend on OOH. With this, their confidence will increase and they would spend more on OOH.

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