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My Quarantine Diary

By M4G Bureau - June 03, 2020

Charanjeet Arora, Co-CEO of Kinetic Worldwide India writes there is truly no other time like the present to start doing something new

My mantra for staying up and running during these times

This is definitely not a situation that any of us had expected, let alone such that we could have been prepared for. A lot of people are struggling with the sudden change, but at the same time, a lot of people are also discovering their long-lost passion.

During the lockdown I have been spending a lot of ‘me time’ pursuing things that would have otherwise been side-tracked. And there is absolutely no harm in accepting that this ‘me time’ has formed an integral part of my work-life, giving me the much-needed motivation to keep going, even more than my morning cup of coffee.

 Learning In quarantine

Upon awakening every morning, the ultimate mantra is to tell yourself loud and clear that “today is going to be yet another amazing day!”. This is because ‘hearing is believing’ and the true power of positivity lies in the words that you breathe… To yourself!

At work, we have been making the most of this time -- investing to invent new techniques that will help us provide better quality service. Whereas at home, am pursuing my passion for cooking. The realisation has finally dawned – It takes hours to prepare one dish that can be devoured in one serving. And yet, you always add in the same amount of efforts.


Happiness lies In self-pampering

Ever since the beginning of Work From Home, I had decided that no matter what happens, I will ensure that every new day is to be lived to the fullest in the best possible manner. Thus, my day begins with a fulfilling breakfast and sometimes ends with a video call with family and friends – discussing new recipes or playing antakshari and celebrating our own version of house parties!

A lot of people I know are enrolling for online digital courses to either learn something new or upskill. But on a personal front, ‘experiencing’ something first-hand is a much better way of learning. I cook because it makes me happy and teaches me to be grateful for having a home where I am safe and healthy. When I feel like experimenting, I cook up a fancy salad. When I feel like rewarding myself, I indulge my sweet tooth. And when I feel nostalgic, I settle with the ultimate comfort food rajma chawal. In fact, every time pictures of ‘My Kitchen Adventures’ are floated, people ask me where I have ordered it from!


Reflections and retrospections

It fascinates me how different non-related ingredients unite to create one common flavour. One of the biggest learnings that I have had (apart from the fact that I am a very good cook) is that a dish is simply incomplete if you don’t treat all the ingredients equally. This analogy may sound a little hatke, but this is exactly how collaboration and teamwork happen!

To ensure that the food doesn’t get burnt or you don’t end up adding too much salt, you must continuously keep monitoring the overall process. And whenever needed, keep making changes and additions to the existing concoction. If you do aspire to innovate impromptu, adding a bit of spices, herbs, or masala to your food will immediately amplify the taste. That’s exactly how diverse teams’ function with an array of perspectives!

It’s a matter of perspective

If happiness is a state of mind, then the decision to be happy is a choice. I live alone and my family is far away. But we are all grateful that we are all safe. It is a tough time and each one is dealing with it in their own way. Choose to look at the brighter side and live life to the fullest. Try being content with everything that you have rather than longing for something that you don’t.

I choose to cook new dishes as well as cook the same old dishes in a new manner. Right from having to chop, to cleaning, boiling, preparing, garnishing, serving, to presenting the dish in matching cutlery and then capturing my experience in a photograph! Each step in the process is equally rewarding.

There is truly no other time like the present to start doing something new. Or even, to resume something that you had once started. It could be the craziest thing in your life, it could be the weirdest thing that you had on an imaginary bucket list. There are going to be restrictions for a while but start imagining the possibilities with all the positivity that you can conjure, and everything else will eventually fall in place.



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