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Xelpmoc’s tech solution to aid in focused reach

By Pray Jani - November 21, 2019

The tech company has designed a software to help TaxiTop Media, a Kolkata based media owner, optimise their cab branding potential

As data-driven campaigns gain momentum in the OOH segment, many companies have emerged providing software support assisting the outdoor industry in optimising reach. Xelpmoc Design & Tech Limited, a solution providing firm, has recently ventured into the advertising space by providing tech solutions to TaxiTop Media, a Kolkata based media owner. The tech company has designed a software to assist the media owner to offer targeted marketing service.

Calling it a phygital solution, Sandipan Chattopadhyay, CEO and MD of Xelpmoc Design and Tech Limited says, “It weaves in the best of physical and digital concepts. The key aspect of digital is always about the capability to contextualise and personalise. For the buyer and planner it gives a much better targeting principle.”

Speaking about the digital capabilities in the OOH space from a creative and operational standpoint, Sandipan explains “As it is location and time triggered, it weaves in the right socio-econometric level. This helps the brand to match the right ads to the right place time combo.”

Utilizing the software to better position the ads in specific regions that adhere to the brand’s TG has helped TaxiTop offer better quality of service, and their clients, organized reachability.

What is also unique about this media is that the creatives can be modified and monitored remotely. The media owner is able to take contextualizing to the next level, moving away from bland advertising as often seen on traditional formats.


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