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Taneja Technocom relaunches magnetic vinyl printing material

By Bhawana Anand - May 14, 2020

The printable magnetic film has been re-introduced keeping in view current and emerging market conditions

Taneja Technocom has relaunched its WYTE magnetic vinyl material to meet branding display requirements in the foreseeable future. The magnetic vinyl is a PVC-free flexible material suitable for various applications, such as, at shops, malls and stores as well as in the outdoor environment – such as, on vehicles, bus shelters, public utilities like public toilets, traffic posts, police posts, etc.

The company maintains that the display can be put up by the brand team itself, thus saving on costs. As the prints can be moved from location to location and so the they can be re-used for any given campaign.

The WYTE magnetic media has a long shelf life with minimal chance of distortion, easily printable and holds in place for long by virtue of the magnetic properties. Variants of the material available are:

  • Base magnetic film: - It’s an isotropic synthetic rubberised flexible sheet in roll, single side multi-pole magnetised with matt UV coating and can be pasted (with fevicol or normal glue) on any surface or fixture. Its dark brown in color on both sides. Available in two variants/thickness--- 0.5mm self-adhesive and 0.7mm non adhesive.
  • Top ferrous film: - It’s a synthetic rubberised sheet in roll bounded with ferrous (iron) material to get attractive adhesion property with base magnet. On one side it’s laminated with printable white film suitable for digital printing and the other is dark brown which will get adhered to base magnet. Available in two variants/thickness--- 0.2mm and 0.3mm.
  • Printable magnetic film: - It is a 0.5mm printable magnetic film with magnetic charge and one side laminated with printable white film suitable for digital printing. It can be directly adhered to iron fixtures installed or on already available iron fixtures at store or site.

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