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Driving India’s DOOH revolution forward

By M4G Bureau - July 22, 2023

M4G spoke with Xtreme Media and Aura Digital as they prepare to present their innovations at the upcoming OOH Expo in Delhi.

The upcoming edition of the Outdoor Advertising Convention (OAC) 2023, to be held in Delhi on 28th and 29th July, will feature the OOH Expo, an exciting space for solution providers to showcase their latest innovations to all the industry stakeholders. 

With OAC just a week away, we spoke to a couple of solution providers who will be present at the OOH Expo and the innovations they plan to present in Delhi:

Sanket Rambhia, CEO & MD, Xtreme Media

“Digital OOH has seen a tremendous rise in the past year and we have subsequently diversified our offerings to stay on top of the competition.  Our products now include high brightness lamps resulting in higher daytime visibility for our LED displays, power saving up to 40% through our common cathode LED displays, and excellent heat dissipation design enabling lower temperatures, hence increasing the lifespan. Moreover, clients are provided with IoT monitoring (Vigilant) technology to periodically check the health of our displays and generate alarms for our support team along with an ad scheduling system which allows customers to easily upload the content to be scheduled on their screens. 

Sanket-Rambhia,-CEO-&-MD,-Xtreme-MediaAs the DOOH industry is evolving at a fast pace, it is important to educate the market and bring about standardization in hardware, software and policies relating to digital outdoor advertising with an intention to add to the beauty of the city without hampering the visual experience of the audiences. And OAC brings together all the stakeholders, asset owners, agencies and the brands and fosters the participation of international experts who share insights on the innovations and emerging trends taking place in other countries. 

Our aim is to effectively communicate and showcase our latest innovations to the market, ensuring that our customers are aware of the advancements we are making, and we believe that OAC will provide us with the platform to express the same to our target audience.” 

Nishikant Gite, Director, Aura Digital

“Industry conventions such as OAC offer numerous benefits for solution providers such as ourselves. The exposure we get at these events allows us to increase our reach and attract potential customers. Additionally, it is also a platform for industry leaders and experts to discuss emerging trends and challenges in outdoor advertising, keeping participants updated on the latest industry developments. Moreover, it provides a valuable opportunity for professionals, experts, and companies within the industry to connect and network with one another, which serves as an incredible opportunity for knowledge sharing, fostering valuable relationships and potential collaborations. 

Nishikant-Gite,-Director,-Aura-DigitalOverall, I believe that OAC is vital for brand visibility, staying informed about industry trends, networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering collaboration and partnerships.

At Aura Digital, our goal is to achieve visibility and reach the length and breadth of India, and we believe that representing ourselves at prominent industry events such as OAC is the perfect way to achieve the same. Such events provide an excellent platform to showcase our products, services, and brand to a targeted audience, ultimately increasing our visibility among potential customers, industry professionals, investors, and partners.”


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